Sunday, January 20, 2008

More o' the same.

Well it's Sunday, and I don't think I've done it for a while so let's just get straight to it.

custard accompaniment (Google)
It's as broad a topic as you are likely to come across. Personally I find that there is no better accompaniment to custard than a rhubarb crumble. I know Dawn prefers ice cream with the crumble as she's not over keen on custard. It's personal preference, and I don't think it's something you should be searching on the interweb for. There is no definitive answer.

two stupid dogs (Google)
I used to love the Two Stupid Dogs cartoons on the Cartoon Network. I always liked the little dog because it reminds me of the cyborg daschunds that have spinal problems and end up on wheels!!

golcar (Google)
I can't imagine why anyone would search for something as simple as "golcar". Try refining your search by adding words to it. If you want a chinese takeaway in Golcar, for example, try using the search term: Golcar chinese takeaway OR Golcar +chinese +takeaway = I think you will find that a more specific search will yield better results for you.

ugly pedigree cats (Google)
I always liked a hairless pussy, like a Sphinxter or a Devon or Cornish Rex. I know the hairless varieties are not everyone's favourites, and they are prone to skin infections, but each to their own.

fox arctic bugger (Google)
I beg your pardon?

badger compared to mouse (Google)
Badger= big, black and white, nocturnal, lives in a set, will not fit in my mousetrap.
Mouse= Small, grey, very dead!!

"fruit wine" pub huddersfield (Google)
Try a few of the fruit wines on offer at the Head of Steam (it's in the train station building). They have the Gales brand, and the "black beer and raisin" wine is delicious.

shave my chuff (Google)
Shave your own, and send me the pictures when you've done!!

how does an artic fox keep warm (Google)
Erm, it has fur..... I CAN tell you that an arctic fox's fur will keep it warm to the point where it will not actually start to shiver as long as the temperature remains above minus seventy degrees (so I heard on a Nigel Marven documentary..... but they didn't say fahrenheit or centigrade). Also it's arCtic not artic!!!

countdown carol voderman photos (AOL)
Thinking man's crumpet, the lovely Carol Vorderman. Also it's VoRderman, not Voderman!!

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