Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The first signs of recovery from illness for me are when:

I manage to drag my sorry arse off the sofa and into a bath that won't interfere with a raging feverish temperature.

When I decide I REALLY need a shave.

When I realise just how hungry I really am.

When I can muster the enthusiasm to invite a friend (who is bunking off work) over to my house to invest some time and energy into learning how to play cricket on a playstation.

When the thought of missing out on taking a painkiller is seems like more of a good step than it seems to be a silly risk.

When the stack of bills and paperwork that has fallen through my letterbox in the feverish few days begin to actually matter, and require some attention.

And so it is, that all these events have coincided in a display of syzygy, and I think I might live.

I am gonna get myself something to eat, and stuff my face silly!! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left messages of support or sympathy or advice.... appreciated when you're suffering, it really is.


  1. Glad you feeling better hun
    Pol x

  2. Blimey, Fox, you've been ill forever! Much speed to the convalescence.

  3. I drink to your heath and continued recovery.