Monday, January 07, 2008

Marlon Brando.

Well, I can honestly say, in my worst case scenario, hinted at yesterday, I don't deserve a prize for the accuracy of my predictions. My peridontal abscess is wreaking havoc.

I've spent the last twenty four hours in a state of feverish clock watching. Painkiller countdown.

I've been taking sleep where it has presented itself, and this is usually about an hour in the middle of each tablet.

The swelling has come out now, and my chin and lower jaw are causing the skin on my face to tighten up. Throbbing veins and nerves in my face, creating a nuclear reaction, combined with the toxic build up, sending my temperature soaring like a very much unwelcome eagle.

Every abscess I have ever had has taken this same course to a lesser or greater extent. I know I will live, but at four thirty AM with an hour and a half until the next painkiller, you sometimes begin to wonder.

I've turned the corner now, and although it's still sore, and I am struggling to hold a conversation, I think I might get a decent night's sleep tonight. I am even contemplating cooking something to eat...... Risky.

Thank the lord for my Nintendo DS Lite, and a whole bunch of Christmas gifted DVDs.... something to focus on really helps.


  1. Aw! Poor guy! Hope your abscess is now under control. Shouldn't you be getting it attended to instead of enduring such agony? Take care.

  2. sounds rough. feeling for you, mate. hope the swelling subsides soon. ice cubes might help?

  3. Get them tusks pulled out and get some false ones. It'll save you an awful lot of hassle. In fact, why not forget the replacement set and buy a food blender, instead. It does the same thing.

  4. Glad you're feeling a little better mate, think spice might have a point though...