Friday, January 11, 2008


I told a lie.... I didn't actually (as previously promised) get "out and about" today at all.

I woke up at about seven AM with my newly acquired digital radio burbling away in the dulcet tones of radio seven in my lugholes.

I brushed my teeth in order to temporarily relieve the aching feeling from the abscess.

I went back to bed and faded in and out of sleep, catching bits of radio plays, comedies, stories.... you get the picture. At one point, I think I stroked my Nintendog, Marvin, a Dalmation puppy!!

I got up at about midday and tidied up in the kitchen. I sorted out lots of rubbish between discard and recycle....

Feeling that I've saved a little corner of the planet made me feel content enough to sit down and watch a few hours of the Mighty Boosh (another Christmas gift). A joyous viewing experience, apart from the bit where I nodded off a couple of times and had to keep rewinding it, and subsequently watched the same five minute loop about six or seven times.

Irony: Paying an accountant, a princely sum of one hundred and thirty pounds to find out that my taxes due, amount to seventy pence!!

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  1. Stroking Marvin before you get up can make you go blind old chap!