Monday, January 21, 2008

Felt better!

I'm a bit grim today.

A shaky, sickly feeling is descending upon me. I am praying that it is not the start of a bout of the puking and crapping virus that seems to have done the rounds along the peripheries of my social circle.

In other grim news, I have begun to put my curriculum vitae together. I find it very difficult to summarise the twenty one years of employment that I have encountered in my life. To precis each job into a few sentences whilst encapsulating the requirements of the job that I am applying for, is a stretch of anyone's imagination.... not just mine.

In good news......

I finally got my Nintendo working and have downloaded a few games..... I was, of course, playing Zelda's Phantom Hourglass well into the small hours of this morning before exhaustion overcame me. Having played a few Zelda games before, it would be nice to think that I might actually complete at least one of them in my lifetime!! Even more so now that it's a freebie!!

Well that's about it.... I'm feeling sorry for myself and I need a hug.... and someone who can write a good CV!! I'm gonna go get myself a cup of joe and curl up on the settee with my Nintendo DS.

1 comment:

  1. Did you ever tell us what job you are applying for?
    Pol x