Friday, January 11, 2008

Fallout boy.

Well, it seems that the worst that my abscessed tooth could throw at me, is now part of history. The pain has subsided, and there is no longer a requirement to be shovelling bulk quantities of mix-n-match painkilling tablets.

What I am now left with is a two part abscess.... A deflated, watery outer part, with a rock hard poison core in the centre.

The flavour of this particular phase of toxic shock is none too pleasant.... it's like having had both lips exposed to the vacuum of space and then they've been mixed with something metallic and electrical... I taste like electricity!! What is that all that about?

But it doesn't hurt now, it just feels like there's an annoying grain of sand in my mouth, which has steadily worked its magic and caused a constant nagging annoyance. and it tastes like electricity.

Having played a seven hour solid stint at cricket today, I promise to get out tomorrow and get some fresh air.... honestly, guv!!


  1. Error 404 get stuffed

    This is not the page you are looking for.

    Sod off.....

    Go on.....

    Bugger off.....

    10 print "I am ace"

    20 go to 10

  2. Am i being stupid or have you left a commetn on your own blog and not inreasponse to anyone else?
    Are you sure you are better?
    Pol x

  3. Someone has obviously been trying to get to where I keep my stash of files.....

    if you try to access the area where the mp3 comes from (for instance) then that is the page that will greet you!!


    Awwww bugger, now I DID comment on my own blog!!!!!


    Foiled again!!