Sunday, December 30, 2007


All this bloody jollity and festivity doesn't half knock the stuffing out of you.

Having been out on the town for a couple of nights in succession, I am beginning to feel a little tired.

The rash of third rate televisual entertainment that fits inbetween Christmas and New Year is slowly washing over me and rocking me to sleep.

I am in two minds as to what form of entertainment I ought to be seeking for tomorrow night... the eve of a new year. I can't decide whether to go out drinking in a pub and risk the chaotic taxi shenanigans, or whether to just cook up a few snacks and pull up the drawbridge for a quiet night in with some bottles of cider?

Decisions, decisions!!

It's not easy being a drunk!!

1 comment:

  1. Snookle arum, snookle arum, baar.
    Flobelle snikkler peeble Gar.
    Floppity etchuck kinter kin taar
    Est ishner, plomb oov Yak est? Yaar!