Saturday, December 15, 2007


It's like an Arctic Fox's homecoming.

Frost covers the ground. A frost, the likes of which I do not remember. For three consecutive days, I have woken to a glistening white slick of shimmering crystals. Then, when I have taken my Lemsip (boom boom) and look out of the window... everything is frozen over.

The low rise, boot cut sun, which doesn't rise above fifteen degrees over the horizon, does not help the struggling temperatures which don't rise more than a couple of degrees above the cold night's attempts. It does, however, look pretty, filtered through a misty haze, so as to appear as a perfect bright white ball, gently bouncing across the hilltops.

A hard frost. Frost of the roads, the paving, the grass, the trees. Everything covered, in what has not melted for three consecutive days. The start of an ice age. Thank God for the temperate climate control. Winter is such a beautiful time, I would hate to miss it.

My man flu is on the mend, and I have finally joined, rank and file, into the procession of lemming shoppers, queueing up to throw ourselves off the Disney Store rooftop. It's depressing. I get depressed at buying people "things" for things' sake. I get even more depressed at the idea that I might forget to buy someone something for something's sake!! It's catch 22, and the chemists are all sold out of the tablets to counteract it... I noticed whilst stocking up on sore throat remedies.

Seems I am never happy unless I have something to moan about these days.

I like the frost though.


  1. "lemming shoppers" - I love that phrase. Just been out myself. You can park for free in the centre of Sheffield on Sundays IF you can find a space. I drove around for twenty five minutes and seriously considered just driving home instead of wasting money on useless gifts. About two miles out of town I found a space on a single yellow line but as usual there was no sign to explain that single yellow so I had to gamble and amazingly I didn't get a ticket.

  2. Glad to hear you're getting better. I've been sooooo busy of late I've hardly had time to read any blogs. I'm getting seriously out of touch!

  3. gazung gazung gazung gazung,
    gazung, gnarly, gnarly gazung,
    gnarly, gnarly, gnarly, gnarly,
    gnarly gazung gazung gnarly

    That's toadish poetry - I hope you like it.


  4. Where are you?
    Had a relapse?
    Pol x

  5. Whoooooooah!!!!!! You've got Justice playing as your song!!!!!!! Wicked ! I love these guys so much it's untrue. Went to see them play as support for CSS a couple of weeks ago and they absolutely destroyed the place. Ct'n'paste techno at it's best. Check out Digitalism and Simian Mobile Disco as well (pick up mixmag this month as they have an ace cover mount CD from Simian on it). When it gets going it's like peak time orbit..... yeeee ha mo fo