Sunday, December 23, 2007

One week ago....

One week ago today, I was sitting at the laptop, suffering a terrible man-flu relapse, trying to muster the enthusiasm and energy to write another "Sunday Search" article...... When suddenly, out of nowhere, I was bathed in the brightest, whitest light you could never imagine.

I lie, of course.

I boiled the kettle and dosed myself up on decongestant painkilling simulated fruit flavour saccharine cold remedies.

I shivered, and huddled deep beneath a spare quilt on my sofa.

In and out of a restless sleep. Uncontrollable temperature. Day became night, and night might as well have been day. Sleep came when the medicines kicked in and I woke up when I got too hot or too cold, or too thirsty or too hungry.

Since then, I've pretty much shaken off the funk.

I still have a bit of a chesty cough that's annoying and a runny nose, but it's nearly gone.

In the last week.....

I have shopped until I quite literally dropped from the pains in my feet.

I have drunk plenty of liquids... as per the instructions... and sometimes I have managed to drink quite a bit more liquid than one should really consume in a single sitting!!

I've tried to keep warm, and to stay out of draughts.

Thankfully it's been a prime opportunity for some film viewing. A blessing in disguise.

I've wrapped more Christmas presents than is necessary.

I haven't had time to even write or read any blogs..... it's a shocking state of affairs.

Am I the only person, who, at this time of year, would like to lock the door, take the phone off the hook, and shut out the whole world until January, when "sales" aside, everything might well be returning to "normal".


  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend. I also feel an instinct to hibernate at this time of year and this morning I didn't wake until 8:15! I plan to make it 10:00 some day this week. I drink sleep in like warming mead.
    Happy Christmas Foxy-Loxy!

  2. Dear Artic Fok

    Winter is when time of year cold. Freezing socks on passing birds is dangling icicle. Ground snow making day look like picture. Low sun is making long shadow and summer is long time.

    Thank you for comment.

  3. Good to see you back!
    I see you got your usual bah humbug head on lol
    No throwing coal this year??
    I'll come join in we ould make it a sport!
    Say Hi to Dawn for me and Happy Christmas to you both
    Pol xxx

  4. Happy BahHumbug, Fox. Glad you've recovered in time for the big day itself.