Saturday, December 29, 2007

Have you....

Have you ever worried about the wrinkles in your "A" zone?

I can't honestly say that my wrinkled "A" has given me cause for concern, but then this is just symptomatic of the depth of knowledge I have about the cosmetics industry and their quasi-scientific claims.

There is now a cream that's called (at the risk of turning this into an advert):

Garnier ultralift Deep Wrinkle A.

Apparently "its precision applicator can help target deep wrinkles in your A zone".

They think of everything don't they!!


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  2. I find that if you have any bother with your "A" zone, it's time to invest in some Andrex as Izal can sometimes make your "A" zone quite sore. Mark my words, you don't need expensive creams. Also when showering, it is wise to give your "A" zone a good scrubbing and then dry it carefully. Avoid hot curries for a day or so. YOU'RE WORTH IT!