Monday, December 03, 2007

Drums please.

Day thirty five. We are in the final week, and to protect our "tidying up" investment, the cats are now banished from the house and consigned to the greenhouses for the rest of the week. Mum can make the decision to reopen the catflap to them when she gets back.

I might actually have a use for the bloody cats at my house.

A trip into the kitchen tonight left me with a churning stomach and the ultimate dilemma. A bloodied and slightly maimed mouse is hobbling about on the floor. There's blood around the upturned mousetrap, and the blood is semi dry. This mouse has been suffering for perhaps an hour or so.

I pick up the dustpan and scoop the blinded broken legged animal into it and take it outside. I put the dustpan down by my garden bench and hop back into the kitchen (I only have one shoe on). I imagine that the mouse will be eaten by something or suffer and die in its own time. It's more than I can take on my conscience.

I put on a walking boot on my left foot (to counterbalance the trainer on my right foot), and grab my stick (I cut and shaped my own big walking stick, which is not dissimilar to a neanderthal club) and head out to where I left the mouse. He is still there, shivering.

I tip the mouse out of the dustpan and bring down the club. I must have winced and closed my eyes, and completely missed!! Second time, I didn't!! His little body arched and twitched and he was gone.

Poor beggar. I feel saddened that I have hurt another animal, but I really don't want them in my house. I also feel sickened at having to finish one of those poor little critters off face-to-face as it were, but I know it was the right thing to do under the circumstance.

With all respect to the mouse and to my sensitive readers, I decided that it was not in good taste to photograph this untidy kill. I did, however, feel it was important for me to share the experience, if only to make someone feel as sick as I did!!


  1. Mate i really doont envy you for having to do that and im really glad you didnt take a picture.
    Now i just want you to go home!

  2. P.S. How do you comment on an MSN blog with your blogger id???

  3. Never thought of the possibility that a pukka trap might not kill the little bugger cleanly. I guess you'll have to check it more often. Physically killing something yourself is pretty hard, especially the first time, but you had to do it. Good man.

  4. It's not the first time I've had to kill an animal... my cats used to torment animals that I had to dispatch too!! It IS the first time I have had to kill an animal that I was responsible for maiming in the first place though.


  5. Most serial killers begin their careers by killing smaller creatures - and you do tell the tale with a unnatural level of glee.