Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's now officially four days of being sofa ridden and house bound, struck down with a fatal dose of man flu.

Feverish. Uncontrollable temperature, soaring like and eagle and plunging into the icy depths, with all the grace of a three legged penguin.

Yesterday, beer was mentioned, and although I am in no fit state to entertain a lovely frothy pint at this moment, there is the chance that if I make a significant improvement, that I could visit the Drop Inn's winter beer festival (14th to 16th December in Elland). That's definitely something I will be trying to get to.

I've still got a hundred weight of Christmas and birthday shopping to do. My paperwork has all run away from me. My car needs booking on for a service and MOT. I have about two months of photography that needs sorting out!!! My whole life is collapsing around me.

I really could have done without the green lurgy this week.


  1. Tsk Tsk! If you were green and covered with warts you would really have something to complain about.

  2. just be grateful you don't have a broken leg ...

  3. Under such circumstances a nervous breakdown might be in order.... failing that - several jars of paracetamol might be purchased cheaply from your local "Superdrug". The arctic fox was once thought to a hardy creature.