Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sweet sixteen.

A film by the magnificent Ken (Kes) Loach.

I went to the UK film premiere during the Leeds Film Festival. There were three important things to note:

1) Ken Loach was actually there and gave a little speech before the film started.

2) The film features subtitles for the first five minutes to break you into the Scottish accent (Glaswegian? I forget), after which time they disappear and you're on your own.

3) The young star of the movie was not old enough to actually sit and watch the film with us (thanks to the British Board of Film Classification and their fear of any four letter words that begin with the letter C).


  1. You know, I remembered that after I had written the piece... I seem to remember that we quite enjoyed it... I've seen it again since and it's not a bad movie.... a little thin in substance but the flavour is all good.

  2. I've never seen it since either, despite having a bit of a Ken Loach fest recently.

    Something else that might interest you is that the music in Kes - a kind of pastoral jazz style - has become one of those iconic soundtracks since it was rediscovered and made available froma small music reissue label.

    Well worth checking out if you some relaxing late night background noise

  3. that's a great movie. ken loach is super duper, i agree. did you ever see bread & roses?