Sunday, November 25, 2007


I've been a little busy over the last few days, and will endeavour to tell you about it as the week goes along, but for now..........

I guess this is getting a little long in the tooth now, but for whatever it is worth, here are some more search terms that brought people in.

who do Arctic foxes communicate with (Google)
Anyone that will sit still for five minutes and listen. In fact, you... right now... reading this.... you're being communicated!!

tom pitchforth (Google)
Haw haw, someone Google'd my cousin... I bet it was him, and he was googling himself!! You're so vain.... I bet you think this blog is about you....

llamatron atari (Google)
Possibly the best game I ever played, written by one of the coolest people ever to have lived. Jeff Minter AKA Yak.... I spent so many hours playing Llamatron, it's obscene. You can find the Yak here. You can even download a lot of the games too. Don't ever say I don't give you anything!!

"chewing ecstasy" (Google)
If you're gonna insist on taking it, then I won't tell you not to. I WILL however tell you that: If you don't chew it, then it will take longer to "come on". Me, personally, when I have taken it, I have ALWAYS chewed it, and I always get ulcers and blisters in my mouth and toothache afterwards, but I am not still winging my nuts off when I get home 'cos it's pretty much all kicked in and there are no late night surprises to be had when that last tab floors you on the train home.

"sky+ default pin" (Google)
I've been there, and I've hung on the phone for a couple of hours to get through to some idiot in a call centre. I've locked myself out a few times, and I've even deleted perfectly good recordings when I couldn't access them because a PIN code was required. I can now reveal, and I've said this before, that the "default" PIN code, is the last four digits of your sky viewing card number!! Job done. PS: If you're a small child looking for this information to access your parent's stash of porn on their Sky+ machine and need the PIN to get in, then you ain't seen me, right? (Google)
egears (Google)
egears problems (Google) (Google) review (Google)
"" shopping experience (Google)
egears uk phone number (Google)
egears + problems (Google)
"" (Google)
who are egears (Google)
egears uk problems (Google)
anyone used (Google)
egears feedback (Google)
EGEARS UK (Google)
who is egears (Google)
who are (Google)
ordering from egears (Google)
egears blog (Google)
Well, what would my Sunday Searches be without the inclusion of an EGears rant? Believe it or not, these are all search terms that people have used to find my blog. I can only say, that if you are thinking of using EGears, then don't bother. If you've already used them then I suggest you contact them and ask for your money back. You can get the same items from any number of other places, and with a lot less hassle.

susie blackpool (Google)
suzie blackpool (Google)
slutsuzie (Yahoo)
slutsuzie (Google)
suzie of blackpool (Google)
slut suzie blackpool (Google)
Another multiple entry (pardon the obvious pun) for our old friend, the Blackpool Slut that used to have a blog. As far as I know, her blog died a long time ago. I've tried on several occasions to find some way of pointing these people in the right direction, but the best I can do is link to an apparent email address.... this may or may not be correct, but it's the best I can find:

house sitting yorkshire (Google)
Yep, that's me. If you've got cat puke that needs cleaning up or chickens you want to lose, or a house that you'd generally like to be abused and/or neglected while you are away on holiday, then leave me a message and we can work out some sort of deal. Thanks for looking.

giant chicken or fox inflatables (Google)
Well, at first I was just going to regurgitate the old link to the rubber fox suit, but it's not something I would take too much pleasure from. Perhaps you could try looking here... they have some bloody mad stuff.... mebbe amongst the madness you will find the inflatable of your dreams.

effects of cold on laptop (Google)
1) Your fingers may feel cold when typing.
2) Your laptop may be shivering.
3) The laptop may collapse.
4) Your laptop may seem irrational (ignore if Microsoft products are installed).


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