Friday, November 30, 2007


As part of my "ongoing" gift-wish-list project, I am refining and adding items at a steady rate. The problem I now have, is that each item I add requires so much research.....

Take for instance......

There are a bunch of camera accessories that go neatly with my new camera. Half of them haven't, as of yet, made it anywhere near the shops except in Japan. The ones that I can find on the internet (knowing fully that they won't be stocked in any high street stores for a long time after they appear all over the internet) are so badly listed (i.e. ambiguously, they may or may not be the correct item) and are so bloody overpriced that I feel forced to spend endless hours over-monitoring the situation, so that I may notice when they finally land at a reasonable and affordable price.

And so...... What do I find as some sort of conclusion?

Lens LC55 = £69
Lens LC55 = £29 (If you live in America)

Lens LT55 = £160
Lens LT55 = £83 (if you live in America)

Battery S006a = £45
Battery S006a = £19 (If you live in America)

And so it goes on....... Most frustrating.

What annoys me most about the findings above, is that I am loathed to add these items to my "most wanted" list on the basis that I know that the items could be bought cheaper by someone resident in the US of A than anyone else. I feel like I might be doing any potential benefactors out of pocket somehow. On that basis, I feel I am possibly missing out.

The other piece of research I've been doing concerns my ever painful heel..... Joking apart, we all know it's as well to Google your own illness than it is to hang around in a doctor's waiting room with lots of poorly people and for the GP to Google it on your behalf. I Google.....

It transpires, I think I may well be suffering from plantar fasciitis. It sounds about right, and also sounds pretty bloody annoyingly tricky to deal with. Still not sure whether to go to the doc's armed with this information or not?

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  1. 1/ A close up lens is no substitute for a true macro lens and will not give the results you expect. It's a poor substitute and at 69 quid is a waste of yours or anyone else's money. If you spent a bit of time learning the technicalities of photography you'd already know this. If you want to try a close up lens then buy a cheap + 1 or + 2 dioptre close up lens from ebay that matches the filter thread size on the front of your camera. If there is no thread on the front of your camera then how does the Lumix close up lens attach?

    2/ A tele lens 'converter' is, again, a poor substitute for a real dedicated telephoto lens. Don't be surprised you get less than satisfactory results.

    3/ If you wanted this kind of versatility you should have bought a proper digital SLR in the first place. By the time you've spent another couple of hundred pounds on top of your camera coast, for what I guarantee will be much a less satisfying experience, you could probably have got yourself a decent 'all in' package that included camera and a couple of zoom lenses.

    There's a good reason why many people choose digital SLR's with interchangeable lenses - and I think you're just discovering it