Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nine down...

Thirty to go....

That's just about a month of chicken maintenance left to run.

Three down.....

Four to go.......

That's nearly half way through the seven deadly sins!!

Which sin fits the bill today? Can I do sloth again?? Unfortunately, I think not.

Lust? My spate of visiting lapdancing clubs? The Nana Plaza in Bangkok?

Perhaps the "gentleman's cheese and wine party" at the Greyhound, for the "Wattle Fettlers club" (which uncannily fits in with my chicken theme too) whom I graciously printed tickets for and received a complimentary invitation for my troubles.

It consisted of some pretty dirty strippers, who were in fact offering slightly more than your usual striptease..... I grimaced as some old man tried in vain to conjure an erection whilst two girls shoved bananas where monkeys shove bad nuts.

At this point, I slipped out of the back of the bar, rolled a spliff, and sat and chatted with the girls that still had their clothes on. They were nice enough, but I still never understood what made them tick....

I can only guess it was all about money..... Lust for money!!


  1. See your mood hasn't improve much since I have been away!


  2. I can't wait to see what your next set of google search results bring up!

  3. funnily enough I had never considered the prospect of anyone searching for "wattle fettlers"!!

    Nicely pointed out.

    At least I hope that's what you were pointing out (as opposed to my blog being so bloody boring that the sunday searches are the best bit and the only bit I don't actually write!!)


  4. Not at all, just that by adding your stripper experiences to your already high "Arctic Fox Porn" search statistics, the hits will just keep on coming...

  5. I may be getting old but..........(it seems to me) SINS aint what they used to be.

  6. what a charming life you lead, sonny jim.

  7. Shouldn't we be on number 10?

  8. Just had to tell you, someone found my blog in google by typing "world record dildo"
    Pol x