Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It's a mistake. I am writing this blog in the Firefox browser, and I know from cold, hard experience, that not all the usual features are present in this browser that I am accustomed to when using Internet Exploder. I know for example before I even begin, that I will not be able to underline the very title at the top of this blog entry!! Go figure!! So, bear with me, I'll be writing it and then subsequently fine tinkering it in Exploder when it will be bothered to load.

So, I'm sitting here, and the embers of the coal fire are trickling through the grate into the fireplace below. I'm drinking Yorkshire Terrier (no jokes please... it's a beer!!) and debating whether to bank the fire back up to keep the warmth going, or to call it a day and head up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire!! It's a quandary, and now I notice that for some reason Firefox is bloody "spell checking" my typing for me, above and beyond the blogger spell checker. Grrrr.

So, I am sitting here.....

So, I am sitting here, drinking the last bit of Yorkshire Terrier, and the fire is made up and is crackling away merrily behind me. I've been working on a new concept... well a concept that's new to me at least, and it's one which is dear to my heart..... Join me, and (I seem to remember Rol at least having trouble with rubbish gifts from relatives) banish the crap gift syndrome...

I now have a Christmas wish-list. You can view it here, and of course, you may buy any of the items on the list for me, and I won't be forced to speak ill of you behind your back on Boxing Day when your ill conceived gift has gone down like a lead balloon.

I urge everyone to choose their own gifts, and subsequently this should cut down the amount of indiscriminately wasted money on Christmas impulsive useless gift purchasing.

The chickens are in bed. The cats are draped over every piece of furniture that I have not actively knocked them down from. Just a week and a bit left before the folks return and I will be free from my life of servitude.

Time to go wipe down the Rayburn and disinfect some sideboards and tuck the washing up away before I settle down to some Kakuro!


  1. I put a list on my page too, be interesting to see if i get any of it lol
    Pol x

  2. I like the idea of this, but I always feel vaguely guilty about giving a list to anyone but my girlfriend (who always complains I'm hard to buy for because I only ever want books & DVDs... despite the fact that I want LOADS of books and DVDs).

    Not a bad list either. And Tesco.com now have 24 Season 6 for five quid less than Play... although as Tesco.com won't let me set up an account (it keeps failing whenever I try with a "We're working on the problem" message), that's not a lot of good to me.

  3. Hmmm.... Well I was sure you'd at least sympathise with the concept Rol, even if your guilt won't allow you to indulge in a preconceived list. Just imagine that you can maintain the list over a period of years and it will do for borthday and christmas and so on, or if someone just wants to cheer you up sometime.... there's even a facility there to not alert you when someone has bought one of the gifts for you!!!

    PS : I already have a Tesco account :P

    PPS : Glad you approve of my list!!

    PPPS: If it saves me from another concrete gargoyle or any ornaments as a gifts then I can only heap praise upon it.

  4. If someone stole your identity and pretended they were you - would they be known as the Arctic-Faux?

    Just a thought.

  5. I hadnt thought of that!
    But then noone i know reads my blog!