Thursday, November 15, 2007

The hills are alive....

... with the sound of.... well, nothing really.

A very quiet and peaceful day in Pole Moor. The kind of day where birds don't bother to flap their wings. A windless, bright, November, frosty start, which soon melted under the gentle warmth of a lowrise winter sun. The end of the day, punctuated by a ruby sunset and rising waxing crescent moon. Mellow birds indeed!!

Just the thing for a hangover!!

Had a night on the tiles with the Turtle again!! It's becoming a bit of a habit. The Rat and Ratchet's coffers are certainly benefiting from our patronage. The surprise beer of the night was, of course, another damn eight percent cider!! Biddendens Dry, which knocked our collective socks well and truly off. I hear that Biddendens also make a Sweet, and I will certainly be looking out for that little beauty.

It is, of course, day seventeen in the chicken coop. I seem to be getting the hang of it now, because there was no cat puke today, and I haven't lost any chickens for a while. Now, if the bloody internet connection would catch up, and the computer would behave.... I think I might even bring my knackered old laptop up here.

Tonight I am requested by way of a return favour, to photograph a bath. The cast iron antique bath is destined for Ebay, and is being sold by a technophobic neighbour, whose sister is going to list the item, but requires the pictures.

I lead such an exciting life, don't I?


  1. Yes you do.
    Besides - excitement is highly over-rated. Peace, tranquility nad simplicity make a far more desirable context to inhabit.

  2. "I lead such an exciting life don't I?"
    Mate you dont have to be up for work and you can have a hangover any morning you like in what sounds like a hangover friendly zone!
    Come spend a day with me, Office all day with mainly halfwits and then exciting places like B&Q before a late tea and then bed before it starts again the next day!
    I would love to be as bored as you are lol
    Anyway rant over, hope you and Dawn are both well bud.
    Pol x