Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It is a brief update for today. I'm not wearing any!!

I jest of course....

Fifteen is a fascinating number and commonly refers to those little sliding puzzle things..... you know...... Like this one!

I've got a lot of pain in my right hand wrist, and my right leg heel. I am starting to think that there is some element of nerve damage going on, but I know a trip to the doctor will yield nothing more than a cursory examination followed by a prescription for which I could buy the same product over the counter at a much more reasonable price. I am simply going to rest them both for a few days and see if there is any change...... What a pain!! Literally. It does of course mean, I get to sit on my arse all day watching films with no real guilty conscience.

Cats: Well behaved today.
Chickens: No further losses to report.
I'm a celebrity: Really dreadfu.... BANG!....... uhhhhh.


  1. Have you thought about going to A&E?
    Should be quieter if you can go along in the daytime.

  2. Why have you made it so that I can't get out of your blog by hitting 'back' in my browser?

    Help! Help! I'm trapped in the Fox's lair!

  3. See! I did warn you what would happen if you entered into the S&M lifestyle without doing a few warm up excercises first.

    Perhaps now is a good time to change the music and play Whip It by Devo.