Friday, November 09, 2007

Dual ten-nancy.

Ok, so I am now hopping between the two houses with alarming frequency. As an example, I think I have visited both houses today no less than three times each. I don't know whether I am coming or going, and I am uncertain as to where my slippers and pipe are.

Too blustery and wet today to even contemplate letting the chickens out. I can only hope that they are not plotting some escape plan, whilst literally being cooped up all day!!

Cats are in good shape, and even received a little bit of affection and attention, courtesy of Veronica, my good friend Turtle's Czechoslovakian lady friend. I think they quite enjoyed someone noticing them for a change, and promptly shed enough fur to make a suitably nineteen-eighties style Harris Tweed jacket!! Apart from calling them all Rupert, I think Veronica liked them.

Ah, now where was I with my not so deadly sins?


I cast my mind back to the days when I was knee high to a grasshopper. A rugrat, an anklebiter, and no mistake. I used to love Philadelphia cream cheese, especially in sandwiches. I am guessing I would be about six or seven years old, and was overjoyed to find a tub of said spreadable comestible in our fridge. Times were hard in those days, and it was a rare treat.

I decided, liking the cool white cheese as I did, that a sandwich of pure and utter indulgence would be in order. I spread the whole frikking tub into one enormous Scooby Doo style butty. It must have been an inch thick between two slices of Mother's Pride sliced white. Heaven.

I took a bite, and the senses were positively jarred.... Could this be? Had I actually discovered at a very early age, that just because you like something, it doesn't automatically follow suit that the more of it there is, the better it will be? It was frikking horrible.

I opened the window, and hoyed the sandwich out. It lay there beating, like the telltale heart. When Mama discovered the chunky white slab with visible teeth marks cut into the corner, well it didn't take a forensic expert to piece it all together......

She never forgave me for wasting this precious and rare commodity. I was sent to a boarding school, and only allowed home on every ninth Sunday. I learned my lesson, and prefer Marmite now.

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  1. Turtle, eh? My my, we are one for the amphibians, aren't we.