Tuesday, October 02, 2007


In strange circumstances today, I encountered an old acquaintance from my drug filled, laser lit, techno stomping days.

The guy in question came through as a friend of a friend, if you can ever call anyone involved in the sale of drugs who subsequently bites the hand that feeds etc, a friend at all. The "so called" friend introduced me to this guy, known by a secret codename, that was so secret, you could only use it behind his back.... he was known as Jolly.

Anyhoo, I had a fair few dealings with Jolly over the years. We spent a fair bit of time amongst shady hangouts and in the company of less than reputable sorts. One thing I WILL say about Jolly, is that I always liked him, and there aren't many people from around that time that I can say that about.

Jolly eventually got a job working at The Orbit, a techno nightclub in the heart of Morley of all places. A veritable hardcore Mecca that lasted far longer than most clubs would. Jolly worked the lights there. I think at one Sven Vath night, or an Orbit birthday party... I ended up having a go on the water cooled laser light show controls........

Ok, so fast forward a decade.......

I'm shopping with my mum at the new Lidl in town, and we are coppering up to get a pound coin so we can avail ourselves of a shopping trolley. Of course we have eighty nine pence between us. The shame. My mum turns to this guy and asks him if we can possibly have his trolley (for the eighty nine pence in VERY loose change) and it's no other than Jolly himself.

So, someone I haven't seen in over a decade takes an eleven pence hit on a shopping trolley for us. Someone who once let me drive a laser show, now lets me drive a trolley.

Welcome to Huddersfield.


  1. Just say No! Drugs are bad things and I am surprised that a chap like you would ever sink so low as to fuddle his brain with that muck! You are better off at Lidl with your mum and a trolley... Mind you - given my work issues maybe some drugs would help me to blank out the stress. Can you send me some? Do they sell drugs at Lidl?

  2. was he off his trolley, do you think?