Sunday, October 14, 2007

Search engine Sunday.

As promised... by me, previously, yesterday in fact, I am going to do a Sunday roundup of the search engine criteria that brought people into my blog. The idea of picking (what I would consider) the most humorous or desirable searches and writing about them in order to perpetuate their relevance is one that I adore.

First: This isn't an easy option and takes much longer than an average blog, and believe me, my blog is VERY average!!
Second: We all might learn something!!

Behold, I give to you:

rat trap b&q (Google)
If you are after a humane rat trap from B&Q then my advice would be.... Don't bother, I've got one that cost me fifteen quid that never caught a thing. You can have it for free, but you've got to collect it!!

why would anyone choose arctic fox (Google)
As opposed to what? Chicken?? Steak?? Curried goat?? No, I think I'll have some arctic fox to start, followed by fillet of swan.

what did frank skinner play on banjo (Google)
I watched it (Play it Again - a BBC series) and I couldn't tell you. At one point he played Duelling Banjos with the band, Hayseed Dixie. The final bluegrass competition that he famously mucked up, I have no idea what he played.

arctic fox halloween costume (Google)
Try this on for size!!! Scares the heck outta me!!

turnip carving (Google)
Fascinating that someone should be looking for this. Before we all went Starbucks and McDonald's and suddenly found our supermarkets full of pumpkins every October... we used to indulge ourselves in the ancient Celtic art of making lanterns out of turnips. Swedes to be exact!! Long live the turnip... death to pumpkins!! Be careful!

"solve the problem of food shortage in the world" (Yahoo)
Let them eat pumpkin soup, or the hollowings from crafted turnip lanterns. Alternatively try clicking this!

What does the arctic fox look like in summer (Google)
Similar to how it looks in winter, but with a T-shirt and sunglasses!!

karma dentist (Google)
Wow, I never knew there was such a thing as a caring dentist. A dentist who isn't motivated by money or the joy of inflicting pain.... it's a grand marketing ploy that's for sure.

arctic fox, it's a setup lyrics (Google)
OK, there's a comedian called Mike Birbiglia - He has a CD out called "Two Drink Mike" - I am presuming he can't hold his booze.... anyway, on this album there's a track called "Arctic Fox It's a Setup" and I have only been able to hear the first thirty seconds of it. I don't know where the Arctic Fox bit fits in... it's about his dreams being better than reality or something.... well, you learn something new every day.

lots of arctic fox pics (Google)
Try Google image search of course!!!


  1. Monsieur tête de potironMonday, 15 October, 2007

    Mon dieu, il est si foncé dedans ici.

  2. If that's you in the Halloween costume... I'm scarred for life.

  3. That fox suit is seriously bad, but of course, it's not an arctic fox, so surely doesn't count.

    So how do you learn what folks have put into search engines that result in visits to your blog? I've looked at my site meter but can't see anything that might do that.

    And when can we expect to see your Blog Action Day posting?