Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday sample.

As promised, a couple of weeks ago, and never fully delivered..... I bring to you.... A Saturday Sample of "next blog" activity.

I sample twenty "next blog" examples and summarise the findings.

Today's results:

Twenty blogs sampled.

8 Blogs were spam.
4 Of the spam blogs hijacked me (got rid of the next blog button and removed the "back" functionality of my browser and tried to install software) and launched further adverts.
6 Blogs written exclusively by women.
1 Blog written by dogs.
2 Indian blogs.
1 Norwegian blog
1 Italian blog.
0 British blogs.
1 Blog features pictures of roses and poetry and made me feel sick.
1 Blog was entirely about kitchen interiors.
1 Blog featured really poor jokes and quotes.

The standard of blogging on offer to me today was VERY poor. The best blog I found today was written by dogs. I ONLY wish they would not use a camera with a flash, that fires directly into an animal's eyes!!

Here it is!


  1. it's a dog's life, mate. poor dogs. and like, they don't even get paid for it.

  2. They didn't live in Berkshire, did they? Or Barking?

  3. Yes you definitely need to listen to storytellers, well, as you say, you are missing something like us all I gyess.

  4. We both know a blog written by a Cool Cat in Hebden!

  5. found you via tony's blog, sugar..btw, what plugins are needed for your site?

  6. Savannah (and anyone else looking in)

    Crumbs.... plugins???


    I only ever use Internet Exploder, so am unsure what does and doesn't work. I've deliberately tried to make the page as neutral as possible, but I am guessing of the page components that might fail, it'd be the music player, which in mine uses windows media player.

    Let me look....

    Ok, so down the right hand side, the components are:

    * Profile (blogger standard)
    * Polling booth (blogger standard)
    * Music Player (Windows media player - You can of course download the tune for yourself if this is what's missing)
    * Blog bits (just a list of links)
    * Moon phase (java applet)
    * blog archive (blogger standard)

    If ANYONE has problems with anything then please let me know and I will happily look into it.