Monday, October 29, 2007


All too easy it is to moan about companies like:

Comet - Apart from anything, just around the corner I could buy the same item for half of the price anyway. Was there really any need to have your staff follow me "nonchalantly" as if to examine stock on the shelves?

PCWorld - It's staffed by semi-literate chimpanzees. Under normal circumstances, I would not touch this place with a barge pole. They are over priced, over staffed, under qualified, and predatory in their sales techniques. All the products I was interested in today were on the shelves without any prices attached to them. Why the hell would I buy anything under those conditions?

Egears - Ah, the old transaction. I know for a fact that about half a dozen people have already found my tale of woe through search engines, and certainly don't deserve to be let off the hook yet. Avoid them at all costs.

And so, it comes to pass...... The camera order was cancelled, and re-ordered through Digital First. I think it was spice-the-cat who mentioned them.


I ordered the camera at two of the clock on Friday afternoon. A silly time to place an order by anyone's standards. Surprisingly enough, four hours (yes HOURS not days, nor weeks, nor even months) later, I receive the email telling me my item has been dispatched. Barring catastrophe, that would mean it arrives on Monday, oh wait, that's today.... and bugger me, if I am not holding in my hand a new camera!!

Now that's what I call music to my ears.

A supplier who does what they should, when they should, and how they bloody well should.

And so, my golden supplier award goes out to: Digital First. By all means use them, they were superb.

Stay tuned for a seemingly never ending stream of random bad photography.

In other news:

I have updated my media player thingummy-plugin-abob. It's now driven by a shockwave player or something. Don't ask me, I'm just the leech that passes these things on.

Welcome back Toad.... You were gone, but not frogotten!!

Spice - Thanks for the tip-off.... also, if the vocal did not come in when it did, then of course it would have been an instrumentalist!!

Anyone fancy going to see the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra with me in Huddersfield at the end of November(ish)??

Aaron - Tanks for the media player thing and the summary of what was busted.

Tony - Were you really at Krumlin 70? That's a right bit of local kudos!!

Savannah - Welcome, and hopefully all fixed now.

Yorkshire Pud - I am definitely NOT doing any form of "stand-up" in the Rat and Ratchet..... After a few pints of the latest "guest" beer or cider, standing up becomes a bit of a problem.


  1. i love 'your song'. particularly the ewan macgregor version in moulin rouge. wow, that was a great film! i totally got it, and not many people did in the cinema i remember.

  2. The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra - Ahh! So now you believe me! I seem to remember a very doubt ridden comment on my blog when Posted about them. What was it again? Oh, here it is....!EF9F6D5F0A8A4BDB!2603.entry

    Now remember - never doubt your uncle spice.

    By the way - I never used to miss attending and I'd recommend seeing
    as much of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival as you possibly can - there are all sorts of interesting sound events and installations - It makes a large crack in concrete at the Tate Modern look like... a crack in concrete, actually.

    Take your camera - there are always loads of photo opportunities - and you'll definitely meet a lot of interestinf people.

  3. lovely...heard it perfectly, sugar! :-)

  4. Mr Fox.Yea, the vegitable thingy ummm sounds interesting .ummm.....Ive never been to The HCMF before.........maybe i should? If your going on a Saturday we could maybe meet up?

  5. Have you figured out how to use your camera yet then? Or is that an insulting question to someone who appears to be somewhat of a techno babe?

    Your music is just something else mind.

  6. You said and I quote - "Bugger me!" Urrgh! The prospect is most uninviting - almost as bad as the idea of stepping over the threshold into that separate reality called PC World! Glad your new camera is delightful. Just to test it out, how about posting some pics of Dawn in her birthday suit? Just a thought.

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