Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pogo schmogo.....

I play games online at a site called Pogo. Every Wednesday, they issue us with a pair of weekly challenges, that in return for our participation, eventually rewards us with a virtual badge, which we can wear in the chat rooms, and they appear alongside our names as we speak.

This week the challenges were in a special halloween slot machine game, called (imaginatively) Spooky Slots, and the other badge was in Hangman Hijinks (a variation on the old hangman game of course).

Well, the badges took me, wait for it: 29 minutes for the pair.

A new personal Pogo record.... now, what the hell am I supposed to do for the rest of the damn week?

In lieu of this impasse, I give to you two sites of amazing and bedazzling wonderment.


Wow 1 !! - Thanks Sitemeter for tipping me off that someone had viewed my page this way!!

Wow 2 !! - Thanks Rol... What an amazing sight. I felt sick just looking at the photos.


  1. Is Emley Moor famous in your parts then????????


  2. i think you should shorten your blog entries. just so very slightly, for people like me. who have short attention spans. and memory loss. and eskimo slippers. do we have a deal?

  3. maxxo - I thought I just did!! (see yesterday, then see today!!)

    Pixie - no it's not famous in my parts.... it's famous as being the tallest freestanding structure in the British Isles!!!! Are you telling me you didn't know that?

  4. So free standing, in fact, that it once fell down.

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