Friday, October 05, 2007


Don't mention the war.

I hadn't, until this morning, considered the implications of taking Fred (a fully trained fighting and killing machine, and war hardened veteran) to an event called Oktoberfest. I do hope there isn't too much bloodshed!!

Yes, it's the morning of the Huddersfield Beer Festival. I'm looking forward to it. The biggest problem I have with beer is that I like it, but wish it didn't make me quite so bloody drunk all the time. I'm a lousy drunk, as I am sure most people who have witnessed me in that state will undoubtedly testify.

I just have to remember that today is about beer tasting..... only buy halves, and try not to just go necking bloody big boys' pints of the strongest porters and perries that I can find. I think I will hang a sign round my neck insisting that no matter what I ask for to "only serve me half a weak stuff" at a time... the more I protest, the less they should serve me.

Beer festivals are not a place for drunken bravado or betting that you can drink a pint of everything down one side of the room!!


In other news......

It's taken me a while to come back to all those who seemed to think that me getting a "Mac" would be some sort of sensible decision when my computer was having a bad hair day, but here goes.....

1) My computer is behaving itself for now, so panic over.
2) I like to run software on my computer (it's what makes it so useful) and everyone knows that there are no games and/or software packages other than CAD that run on Macs.
3) I don't need an ornaments for my table. I like to use my computer, not admire its sleek design.
4) I don't need an iPod either.
5) I am presuming the next bit of wisdom from the Mac-heads' repertoire would be for me to run some sort of Windoze emulator on a Mac.... I don't even need to respond to that do I?
6) I don't want to end up like your average Mac user.

Also, I've just noticed (ironically) that the German bug that's been with us for so long on Blogger has now gone. Hooray for Oktoberfest!!


  1. ahem. your average mac user can't afford to be so well stocked up, they cost a bloody fortune. i would say not getting hit by any viruses and the superb user-friendly operating system wins over PCs any day.

    ps. beware the ledenhosen during oktoberfest.

  2. Beware the Lederhosen? I have it on good authority that FoX never wears anything else.

    It's said that if you listen carefully in the wee small hours after the beer festival has closed you can hear the ghostly sounds of a Fox slapping his thighs and yodelling the forgotten songs of a lonely goatherd.

    And for anyone who is reading this on the German version of blogger

    Passen Sie das Lederhosen auf? Ich habe es auf gutberechtigung, der Fuchs nie noch etwas trägt.

    Es wird gesagt, daß, wenn Sie sorgfältig in den kleinen kleinen Stunden hören, nachdem das Bierfestival geschlossen hat, Sie die gespenstischen Töne eines Fuchses hören können, der seine Schenkel schlägt und die vergessenen Liede eines einsamen goatherd yodelling