Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's Sunday....

And we all know what that means don't we, children?

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.... It's search engine Sunday.

The following is a list of search criteria that people used, and for some reason ended up on my page. In order to redress the search engine imbalance, I offer the "real" answers to the questions that get asked.

orbit nightclub morley (Google)
There's only one place to go if you ever went to the Orbit, or wondered what it was all about. Pay a visit to the Orbituary. Tell them I sent you, and you're on the guest list. (Google)
After my recent experience, in which: I ordered a camera, and waited the required amount of time for it to arrive, during which time the item had never even been dispatched. I emailed them to ask whether they had any stock, and they didn't even reply to this email. I cancelled the order and reordered through someone else (positive feedback for the new supplier is likely to happen on Monday if said item arrives. As far as I can see, egears are still trying to charge my credit card (although the internet bit is quite slow on my card so I won't know until my next statement). Suffice to say.... Don't touch with a barge pole!!

golcar beer (AOL)
Yes, I do know a little about Golcar beer, having made a concerted effort in the last couple of weeks to drink as much and as varied a selection of local beers as I can find. The Golcar beers I have drunk are Golcar Mild and Pennine Gold. The Golcar beers are available at the Rose and Crown in Golcar. My advice is not to go there when football or rugby is on, unless of course that's what you like with a pint. The Golcar mild tastes deceptively strong for a 3.2 percenter, and the Pennine Gold was a really nice pint of bitter. Well worth the trip to their boozer in Golcar. Gimme a shout and I'll come with ya.

"wessenden wheat"+riverhead (Google)
I drank Wessenden Wheat at the Huddersfield Oktoberfest. Admittedly, I had already had a few drinks, and was looking for something to knock my socks off (in terms of it being outstanding, not necessarily potent).... Well, the Riverhead make nice beers. Their Sparth Mild is exceptional, as is the Deer Hill Porter, or for bitter, try a pint of Butterley. The Wessenden Wheat, however, was not that brilliant... I would expect a wheat beer to be cloudy for a start, and it just wasn't. It was a bitter by any other name, and Butterley would serve the purpose better. We can go there after Golcar ok?

amount of tar injested from smoking (Google)
Depends on your choice of cigarettes of course!! My old brand were 8mg of tar each. I smoked forty of them each day. So, that's 8mg X 40 cigs per day X 365 days in the year (not counting leap years, just in case anyone feels fit to make an issue of it) = 116800mg = 116.8g = 4.12Oz per year, which incidentally is the same weight as this.

FREE DOWNLOAD of lunar jetman (Google)
Don't download it, play it online.

next blog button avoid porn (Google)
Well, if you ever read my Saturday Sample blogs (all two of them) you'll know that I have issues with the "Next Blog" button and how it works. You can't avoid porn. You CAN however (if they haven't removed the "Navbar" that contains the "next blog" button) click the "Flag Blog" which should notify Blogger of questionable content. I have been on a site that had been flagged and it contained a "blogger" imposed "are you 18 or over" type question before you were allowed access. It's lame, but that's the way Blogger operates.

mindfrik (MSN)
What a great search term to uncover. I am google's number one ranked "mindfrik" candidate, and if you do a google image search on mindfrik, then it turns up three images, and they are all from my blog!!!!

map for where the arctic fox lives (Google)
I'd say pretty much stick a pin in the map and you won't be too far away.

Ok, I think I've finally got to the bottom of this fetish and you can read about it here.


  1. Elton John! How do you embed your audio onto your blog Mr Fox?
    I saw Elton John live at Krumlin ;1970 !That was the weekend I knew i had made it as a hippy when some hairy geezer with a London accent wandered up to & asked "Where Are The Toilets MAN"?

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  3. Hi Fox,

    Good luck with the new camera order, when I ordered mine on a Monday with Pixmania, it then took over a week to receive it they claim that its 2-3 days but on closer inspection it's only from when they dispatch it.

    I was not very happy.

    Re plugins on your site I use Firefox for everything I get this error when trying to install the plugin for your audio player.

    "No Suitable plugins were found.
    Unknown Plugin (audio/x-mpegurl)"

    Perhaps this link might be of some use to you and this player works in both Firefox and Explorer.

    embed mp3 files into your website.


  4. It's a bloody good job the vocal on that song came in when it did - I was just about ready to set fire to your blog thinking it was... he who must not be named.

  5. "amount of tar injested from smoking"

    This particular search can't have been serious... it must have been in jest.

    As opposed to, y'know, ingest...

    W.R. Pedant.

  6. No it's not, it's Monday.

    Did you miss me? Bet you thought I'd croaked.

  7. Useful (perhaps surprisingly)