Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ich bin ein blogger.

My computer is about to expire. It's (of course) running Windows (XP) and has been running on this current installation since 17th July 2005. It no longer wants to "play ball".

Flicking between windows now causes some kind of rip in the continuum of time and space, where you can lose up to three days of your life. My computer is old and tired, but it's the bloody Windows that's dragging it down.

I can not remember the last time I had a single installation of Windows that lasted this long.

Now begins the tedious exercise of trying to ascertain what data needs to be backed up before I completely trash the thing and start again.

It's not just the MP3s or the Word documents that trouble me. It's not the years of amusing "adult" material that bothers me. Years and years of photographs can all be backed up as a bunch of JPG files. The things that really cause concern are bits of websites I have developed and little text documents, the mountains of application data (config files and data). There's no easy way to catch all this weird objects in a backup routine that isn't a full system backup, and I would never want to restore it all.

It truly takes years to make everything do what you want it to do, then Windows is so far up its own pipe that it can't possibly do any of it any more!!

There's no easy answer - I usually just buy another disk and put a clean install onto it leaving the old disks as slaves.......

I don't think I have space for another disk.....

Something's got to give!!

Couple with the fact that Blogger has done that weird thing again where it's defaulted into German!! In order to post my blog and then read it I have to Blog anzeigen (in einem neuen Fenster).


  1. I've noticed the German thing - thought it was just me being haunted by my old German teacher for not doing my homework.

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  3. Did you go to Colne Valley High School, and was that German teacher Herr Cockman??


  4. Poor Fox,

    My PC also needs a rebuild although not as bad as yours as it doesnt crash (well unless im extracting a rather large RAR set on one drive).

    I'm putting it all off until I can afford to get new parts for my PC then upgrade it all at once.

    I would recommend this:

    It backs up critical stuff like your profile in the background as and when you make changes, and you can also set it to backup other folders aswell on your C: drive.

    I'll be thinking of you during the rebuild of your PC from past experience mine took days to get right aftewards :(

  5. I'm going to check out carbonite as that sounds pretty useful. Meantime, why not replace the disc as before, but put the old one in a USB disc caddy. Dragging stuff back from it is a bit slow if you're doing a lot, but it just becomes another hard drive when you plug it in, so you drag and drop in Windoze Explorer.

  6. GET A MAC!!!
    Trust me, it's the zen thing to do.

  7. Then it must surely have been Royston Vasey, and the teacher in question was Herr Lipp!!

  8. I went to school in the Holme Valley (I know, it's traitorous!) and my teacher was a Frau Wester(wo)man.