Friday, October 12, 2007

I am not miserable.

Well, it's a matter of opinion I guess.... I do not FEEL miserable is what I should have said!

How can I possibly feel miserable or grumpy when:

The teenage mutilated ninja poodle is here to keep me company.


Watchmen (the movie) is now in production. Let's hope it is at least a fraction as good as the comics were..... I am PRAYING it doesn't disappoint me. Alan Moore is the "daddy" of comics for me... V for Vendetta and Miracleman were totally awesome too. Sadly, the V film didn't quite hit the right notes for me. There's massive scope for Watchmen to go badly wrong.

I'm not going ot start lecturing you on the merits of comics, or tell you how good Watchmen really is, nor that you should pray at the altar in the church of Alan Moore...... I suspect if you don't already know about these things, then anything I say will not influence you.... or will it??

Go, seek it all out, judge for youselves!!

Now, I've waited twenty years since the comics, so another couple of years aint gonna hurt, is it?


  1. the watchmen is a great comic. a movie, huh? that's awesome.

    hey, i'd like to try me bike first before i buy and while my local shop doesn't stock muddyfoxes, it does stock trek ... and they look pretty decent. what d'ya reck?

  2. I think it's best you lower you expectations right now.

    OK, lower still.

    Lower still.

    Alan Moore makes pretty good comics.

    Alan Moore comics make pretty awful films.

    The League Of Extraordinary Gents, V For Vendetta, Constantine, From Hell...

    I think it's safe to say you'll be able to pluck Watchmen and serve it for Christmas dinner. (If you weren't a vegetarian.)

  3. As a life-long Douglas Adams fan who waited decades for the "Hitchhiker" film, I would also suggest ratcheting down the expectations.