Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I've spent the best part of the last two days preparing my disks for the imminent arrival (I laughingly refer to the arrival, when I can plainly see that the item has not yet reached a stage of despatched!!) of my new camera.

I am (finally) putting all the photographs together, and all the mp3s together, and storing them conveniently on an external disk I purchased a while back. Tidy and neat, neat and tidy.... but a little slower than your conventional disk of course!! It's USB and my computers are all so old that I still don't have a USB2 port anywhere.

Well, before I go on to discuss whatever it was I came here to discuss, I'd like to mention that, in doing this "housekeeping" exercise, I've discovered quite a lot of really great music. Bargain. I updated the music on this site yesterday, which finally got rid of the yodelling Oktoberfest themed song, and replaced it with LFO..... but then I found this album by LazyB called Listen. It's made me laugh extremely hard. I couldn't deprive you of a piece of it now could I? (It's a whole album of positive message endorphin driven stuff.... very feel good indeed).

And now.... on to other matters.....

I've had such a rash of comments lately that I can't keep up.... let me try to address a few and tackle some of the things that I wanted to tackle, which crossed over with the comments/ queries/ suggestions.

First, I'm chuffed to little mint balls that people liked my photo of Emley Moor Mast in the glorious sunshine yesterday morning. It was a real buzz to take the pictures off my camera and discover that one amongst them..... none of the others were quite so vibrant. Thanks for your kind words about it.

Second.... How do I wake up so early?? Well at around seven in the morning I always seem to wake up.... If I have nothing to do, then I sometimes turn over and go back to sleep. More often than not, I get up, check my email, go to the toilet, look out the window, make sure "bowling cam" is running, check if I caught any more mice..... then maybe back to bed. Looking out the window, I spied (again) a great sunrise and within ten minutes I was out of the house and half way up the hill..... seize the moment!!

Third..... Despite Yorkshire Pudding's red herrings, I am convinced that I have opted for the best camera on the market that falls within my meagre price bracket. There was a time when money was no concern..... things are different now. I am sure it will be a lot of fun finding out what we can do together (the camera and I).

Fourth..... Tripods......

That was the whole point of me posting today, was to discuss tripods.

I already have a tripod, but it is a cheap thing. It doesn't have any bubbles or heads or anything fancy, and it is quite limiting in what I can do with it. So, I started to look for a new tripod to go with my new kit. I remembered a review of tripods in a camera magazine, that featured an award winning budget tripod, and dug it out.

Having found the magazine and the page with my recommended tripod.... set about trying to locate said item on the interweb, but to no avail. The review was from March of this year, and already the item has been discontinued and vanished from the face of the earth. Typical.

If anyone has a Calumet CK6143 stashed away anywhere that they don't want, then drop me a line......

So, I'm stuck what to do.

Pixie.... the Gorilla is ok for what it is, but it's just a table top tripod that has bendy legs and can wrap round things. It doesn't do the things I need, and certainly would be no use in a wildlife situation. I have a table top pod, but not one that will grip something, but I've never needed to grip anything. I can imagine a rock climber might have use for it, but not sure who else would. (I'm not even going to mention that I think they are outrageously overpriced, although kudos indeed to Joby for offering packaging free versions!!)

Spice..... I thought about a monopod, but you can't leave it unattended for those lovely self timers can you?? If they made a monopod that doubled as a spring loaded walking stick, then I might consider it, for the dual purpose, but other than that I'm not convinced. I am sure that it will feature as part of my kit somewhere down the line though.

Looks like it's back to the drawing board for me..... Unless I double my budget!!

Well, I am looking for a link for monopods, and blow me down, if they don't make them as walking sticks, AND they come with ball and socket heads...... requires more investigation - I see the ones that do what I need are still WAY too expensive!!


  1. Fox - Someone does make a monopod that doubles up as a walking stick (with a shock absorbing hand hold, if I remember correctly), just as someone else makes a walking stick which has a removable cover to reveal a 1/4" screw thread for attaching a camera.

    There's also a monopod which has three attachable legs to allow temporary use in free standing mode.

    I'd suggest you try them out in a shop before you buy, particularly the head - some people like ball heads and others prefer platform types (me) - but do try - you'll get really annoyed if you buy a head you find you don't like using.

    I'll dig through my archive sometime today and see if I can't find the details

  2. You know what I think its time for improvisation. I used bricks when I was skint last year. I have just invested in an 100m macro lens that I am about to play with today so I thought a gorilla might be the answer for the table top but I think I will take my own advice and use a brick. I wouldn't go or a monopod - think if you need a walking stick then get one but if you want it solely for your camera forget it.

    Am looking forward to checking out some of your photographs.


  3. Regarding Emley Moor, you might find this of interest...