Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Following the unseasonable warmth of a Sunday just passed, the weather, and mood, have taken a decidedly sombre downturn. A couple of extremely wet, foggy, and accident strewn M62 mornings leave a distinct taste of moorland grime in my mouth.

These are the days that I would expect from October as opposed to the short sleeved, sweat beaded temple times that had me heading out and onto the hills in search of cardiovascular stimulation and stretched Achilles tendons last weekend.

Finally, the ash tree in the garden has released its sappy hold on the leaves. They say the ash tree is the last to receive and the first to yield its leaves. I think the sycamore beat it slightly this year, and there are already the first few golden leaf strewn pavements to walk amongst. Seems the slight breeze, and the extra weight of fog and rain has finally tipped my ash. The rake will need to be wielded in arboreal anger before too long.

The distant whirr of a council owned road sweeper heralds the official start of autumn as a disinterested man power-washes the leaves into the road for the vehicle to subsequently collect.

Me, I'm disinclined to venture outdoors in this weather. I pull up the metaphorical drawbridge, and baton down the imaginary hatches. Turn on the TV and watch a couple of films. Drink coffee and eat baked potatoes. It’s a full time job keeping the fog from creeping under the doors.

This morning, the house feels decidedly cold and grey. I grab one of the books that have been hanging around partly read, turn up the central heating, and dive back into bed. It's not a lie-in, you understand!! I am reading, and for once, I do not fall asleep after the first paragraph. I finish a book.

It's three in the afternoon, the sun is shining now, and I am still in my pyjamas. Lazy, hazy days.

(you can view and of course comment on any of the films I have watched in the order that I watched them - most recent first.... Here!)


  1. I am unbelievably jealous that you get the choice to climb back into bed with a book :(

  2. Percy me old mate. How are you. Long time no see, chum. We need to get together for a few wet ones sometime.

  3. you got a job, foxy? i've often wondered ... you seem to be larging it all the time, you bugger. sure jealous if you aint.