Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Families of my favourite finches flapping furiously, feeding ferociously. Filling up for flying far away. Black thistle seed flying. Clouds of feathered activity fill the garden and distract my eye from the movies I am watching. I maintain concentration until the third movie of the day and sleep overcomes me.

Damn that roadsweeper. He was back again today. I appreciate the service but not their hissing, steam belching dragon of a machine inching up the road beneath my bedroom window at seven twenty two in the A of the M.

A few beers last night only served to remind me just how angry I have become. Angry at my own passivity. Angry at the call centre that sold me a years worth of cover without my involvement, and who won't refund me for something I didn't order, because we are "outside of the refund window". I roll over and let them tickle me, maintaining that next year I will ensure that the credit card that feeds them will be a historical footnote.

Paperwork done. Bills paid. Final reminders shredded. Bank account slowly bleeding to death. Steadily approaching, free falling, towards the state of exsanguination. Please let me stay out of work a bit longer.

So many films, so little time.

Happy birthday to Fred. Zam zams tonight for a slap up curry.... yippee!! BYOB!!

Happy "New Moon" to everyone else.


  1. Oh to still be in bed at 7.22am!
    Mate you sound sad today yet i am still jealous of your stay at home status!
    Hope you're ok
    Pol x

  2. "Exsanguination" to you too - for putting too many F's in the first f-ing fentence! Idleness is much under-rated.