Monday, October 22, 2007


I am managing to annoy myself with a choice of blogging topics. I have started today's entry several times, and have been dissatisfied with each and every effort thus far. Too many small items to discuss makes for a very messy and protracted piece of disjointed garbage. What can I do?

Do you want to hear about the lovely beers I managed to drink at the Barge and Barrel beer festival, or about the dark mild at the Star in Lockwood, or even the Moorhouse's Black Cat at the Nook in Holmfirth?

How about a little piece about my walk around Holmfirth? A taste of Summer Wine country, guided as always by an Ordnance Survey map, and the ever flawed AA 50 Walks in West Yorkshire book. When they say turn right, they mean left. When they say one hundred yards, they may mean twenty, they may mean four hundred. It's a guessing game.

How about the muscle I've pulled in my stomach? My damaged achilles tendon? The problems I am having with my hand, wrist and forearm? The blotchy dry skin patches.... Vitamins, creams, potions, lotions.....

Conker fighting? Clackers?

After spending a year with no source of income, I am starting to worry about spending all of my money. So, with a small wince and a great deal of trepidation, I have finally managed to make it through the checkout procedure on a website, to purchase..... wait for it..... a new camera!! I blame Kenny for this irrational purchase... His talk and enjoyment of consumerism has driven me to the point of coveting my neighbour's white goods!!

So here it is... in all its glory.... my new camera.... coming to a blog near you soon. I am SO looking forward to getting my hands on it.

Inspired by my rash purchase, last evening, it was much easier to jump out of bed this morning when I spied a golden sunrise. Armed with my camera, and wearing a Tshirt, at seven thirty in the A of the M, standing atop Scapegoat Hill, shivering and freezing, I managed to pull of this masterstroke! I dedicate this to Spice The Cat, for his tireless, inspirational, motivational comments and efforts (they used to call it nagging!).



  1. I recognise that mast! I saw it from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in August.

    Spectacular sunrise.

    Was that all you were wearning, the T shirt?

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  3. Ah, Emley Moor mast, ON FIRE!



  4. me auntie nora, it looks like the sky is on fire! i want to know, how on earth do you manage to wake up so early to see it in the first place?

  5. Wow! Spectacular picture, sparky.

  6. WOW thats a great picture, I'm sure you will get great use out of that camera :)

  7. Bloody Hell That Looks A Mean Beast! 'Should have some fun with that,Happy Snapping!

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  9. The DMC-FZ18EB-K is less reliable than the DMC-FZ18EB-J and has less pixel capacity than the DMC-FZ18EB-Z. Actually I am surprised you didn't pick the DMC-FZ18EB-Y as this is excellent for snapping ladies in a state of undress at their bedroom windows.

  10. He he he! I've just been looking at the camera specs. You'll begin to understand what tripods are for once you start using the long end of that zoom lens - even with the image stabilisation turned on.

    Actually, Fox, if you're doing a fair amount of hill walking you could do worse than to consider a decent lightweight monopod, rather than trying to lug a tripod around with you.

  11. Actually I fancy getting one of those Gorrilla Pods - any comments?

  12. I saw that sunrise when I was heading to work, and wished I had my camera with me.