Tuesday, September 18, 2007


.... and nonsense.

I've been busy doing "background" tasks.

These tasks are essential to my "online" existence and take up a great deal of time. Not many people notice that I have done them or even care, but I know things are tidier, neater, more organised, and much happier - In complete contrast to my "real" life!!

So, for a few examples:

Flickr - I have been adding, subtracting, tagging, geotagging, dating, uploading, and generally making my whole collection there as comprehensive as possible. New sets for Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Black Moss walk. Lots of new "phone camera" pics too.

Random Shopping - I am trying to make sure that my "Random Shopping" blog doesn't die on its arse. It's hard enough to keep one blog going (as I am sure you lazy non-updating-buggers will agree) but to keep two on the go, and make them remotely interesting is a task of some size. In order that I DO keep Random Shopping open, I have diversified into the world of discarded shopping lists.

Reading - I now subscribe to forty-four blogs in my snazzy Google blog reader. I need to subscribe to so many, so that at least someone will give me something to read each day!! Consider yourselves "roasted" for inactivity, AGAIN!

In an "offline" context I've also been quite busy:

Reading: Having recently finished another Lynsay Sands historical - The Switch, I've moved on to: Ben Elton - Stark (in the bedroom) and Robert Sabbag - Snowblind (in the reading room!).

Watching: I don't get much time to watch a lot of television at the moment. I love the 4OD and BBC iPlayer, because they allow me to download the television I missed and watch it at my leisure. I am loving CH4's Dogface, and have been watching ITV's Hell's Kitchen (which has of course (for me at least) been dreadful and compulsive).

Playing: Sims 2 with my left hand and Pogo with my right.

Picking: Blackberries. Nature's bounty is exploding around us. We managed to harvest ten pounds of blackberries on Saturday morning. Nettle stings, and ripping of thorns. The blackberry plant seems so ancient and unsophisticated, yields its fruit so easily, and you can't help but feel the primeval surge, knowing it has always been this way. Low effort in, maximum reward. Survival.

Anything else?:

Getting depressed at the quality of these photographs.

Finding this link for my tap-playing cousin.

Drinking "real ale" at the Three Pigeons (an art deco pub) in Halifax.

Eating curry at Zam Zams in Elland - Bloody gorgeous!!


  1. I know you will find this funny due to my recent big brother confession but i too have been watching Hells Kitchen and am addicted, please dont tell me who won,it is safely in the sky box for later!
    I still look out for random shopping for you mate and am off to Tesco's after work so will have a scout round for you lol
    Am also loving Google Reader but dont dont have as many as you and in contrast when poeple dont update i feel less guilty!
    Hope everyone ok
    Pol x

  2. hey mister fox. you're a keen biker ... i'm thinking of buying a bicycle - can you recommend one? for mainly riding on roads/streets to work although would be good to use it for a little off-road activity on the weekends. budget about £200, nothing posh just something that's reliable and looks good.

  3. Maxxo - I replied on your blog!


  4. thanking you, a muddy fox hey? now there's a surprise ... :o)

  5. Thanks for the link.... now I know where to send my postcard! x

  6. If you owned an elephant you could, perhaps, have spent the day doing background tusks.

    I have spent many happy hours in the Three Pigs in Halifax. In fact it was there that I once spent an evening in the company of the Vespertine. Happy days.