Friday, September 07, 2007

Stir crazy.

They say that the first step toward recovery, is admitting that you've got a problem.

My Sims2 confessional has perhaps triggered some sort of turnaround.

Last night, I had two strange dreams. The first dream was about the late, great, Tommy Cooper, and how I had somehow managed to get hold of this really brilliant joke of his, and actually improved upon it. I woke myself up laughing, but alas could not remember the joke, nor the cunning revision of it.

The second dream was a bit more odd.

I once spent a few weeks in France, and by the end of it was actually dreaming in French. I guess that's significant, as last night I dreamt in Simspeak!! It's a nonsensical language, and to wake oneself up by speaking "in tongues" is decidedly unsavoury.

I went for a twenty mile bike ride today instead!! I only fell off four times. My back aches, my head aches, my legs ache, my stomach aches, and of course..... the old derriere, it goes without saying!!

Believe it or not, I found a feature on my phone that lets me take three pictures, and then the phone turns them into a panorama... my first effort is here!

Update: This is not Black Moss Reservoir. This is the feeder reservoir above Scammonden Dam - the one that the M62 is built on. This is Deanhead Reservoir. Black moss is four miles due south of here!!

Spice: Who the hell is Who Flung Dung?

Re: Phone's ability to produce a panorama - I can spot a couple of glaring errors!!


  1. To quote the ancient Chinese philospher, Dong Zhongshu:

    梦想不被认为被人类了解。了解您的梦想, 请求您的猫

    I don't know what you think about what he said, but it just about sums it up for me.

  2. ...Is the picture of Black Moss? As in the Simon Armitage poem - "I have skimmed stones on Black Moss"

  3. see, that's what i like about you mister fox. you're addicted to big brother and sims, like any other crazy teenager, but then you go for gruelling bike rides and yearn for the big outdoors. i like that contradiction. it means you're kinda complicated, yet cool.

    do i get a blue peter badge now?