Thursday, September 13, 2007


.... on my bonfire!!

Thanks Stan, for ruining my perfect evening's blogging.

I read with disgruntlement, that some people like to blog about such inane minutiae, including what they have for breakfast.....

.... just a few seconds before I was about to blog what I had for tea (or should that be dinner? - At 5:30pm I think it's fair to call that tea).

Arse biscuits.

No, that's not what I had for tea, but what went through my mind having read Stan's blog, after my tea.

Roast haddock, minted pea puree, asparagus, and baby new potatoes. Baked apple with vanilla ice cream.

That's what I had for tea. If I might also add it was bloody delicious. If I might further add, it was all cooked by me. If I might even further add, twenty minutes prep, twenty minutes cooking (forty minutes cooking the apples, but they are still going while you eat so it don't count). It doesn't get much better.

I love cooking when it's something so tasty and effortless.

In other news, it's about time I responded to some feedback.

Feedback attack:

Rol: If I am up in time, then I may well go and volunteer for footpath duty. The only problem I have is that I use the "footpath" for my mountain bike and the purists might set their dogs on me!!

BlueSkiMonkey: The sponsored bike ride sounds good, but I do not agree with those silly sponsored events where the sponsorship money is used to send me on the fundraising event.... you know like all them bastards that go walking the great wall of china, and your sponsorship money is buying them a free holiday when they could have walked from Huddersfield to Scarborough and hitchhiked back and the money would have actually done some good.

Anonymous: You gotta be kidding me... it's you isn't it Clemmy?!? Magic Facebook my arse!!

Spice: The idea of spending money on a new camera when I have no income to speak of seems a trifle decadent, would you not agree?

Spice: No sheep?? How about hundewolle you crazy Canuck?

Yorkshire Pud: On your behalf, on Sunday, I went in search of Simon Armitage's Black Moss, only to be beaten back by the fact that I had just had lunch, was wearing jeans, a tshirt and trainers, and it's kind of out on the moors a bit and it looked like rain..... I made it as far as Diggle Reservoir before deciding my attire was unsuitable to continue. I will endeavour to try harder next time for you.

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  1. So was it the smoked or the not in the end?
    Pol x