Saturday, September 08, 2007


I admit, I am a bit battered and bruised today. The falling off of the bike is not an activity I would readily endorse nor pursue. Alas it pursues me relentlessly, rather like the old dog biting episodes used to. Hopefully someday, the falling off thing will fade away, just as the biting thing did.

I think I have been bitten by five dogs!! Is that a record? Maybe being bitten by two dogs simultaneously is??

Well, it's as hot as the very gates of Hades out there today. Hotter than yesterday, and with no breeze at all. It's like cycling in a dessert - perhaps a red hot piece of jam roly-poly, with the obligatory molten lava temperatured custard accompaniment.

I felt obliged to try to ride at least some distance today, and managed just four or five miles before my wrists were jarred into oblivion and my back was twanging. It was far enough just to keep my muscles from going cold. Sweaty and dusty.

I watched a bit of television, and cleared a bit of my Sky+ backlog. In televisual terms, I can confirm:

1) I am the only person in England who is actually missing Big Brother.
2) I am LOVING "Heroes" thus far - Please, no spoilers.
3) The IT Crowd (new series) is still bloody funny.
4) Suburban Shootout is back and it's frikking great (just three episodes).
5) My Name Is Earl, is still one of the best shows on TV. Did anyone else catch the "Cops" parody episode? Genius!!
6) I can watch Malcolm in the Middle till the cows come home.

So that there is my telly requirements.

I have booked a bed and breakfast in Keswick for two nights. I am going to be there as a precursor to my birthday in order to walk a couple of "Wainwright" peaks. They're only going to be the small ones, but it's a start. I am going to do Catbells and Castle Cragg. If you don't know what I am on about, then download the Wainwright's plugin for Google Earth - It's great! Also, I recommend the crop circles plugin and the maze plugin, and the Wainwright's coast-to-coast plugin.

I like to try and do something less predictable than "going down town" for my birthday. The Wainwright fell walking (weather dependant) could go either way for me yet... disaster or memorable life moment?? My thirty-seventh birthday was a thirty-seven mile bike ride over the mountains in Scotland at GlenTrool. I don't think anyone who was there would ever forget that!!

Now, onto serious matters.

I have, for some time, been reading blogs which do not necessarily appear in my "favourite blogs" section. I am so lazy that I rarely get time or inclination to do all the relevant housekeeping here. I still have rodent-number-three to add to my mouse killing page!! So.... After being shamed into action by the persistence of Maxxo (from "Lights Out For Darker Skies") - I give to you:

a) Updated "fave blogs".
b) My bloglines links (where Maxxo has been included for weeks!!)

Do not sell this bugger on ebay!!


  1. Ooooh! Bowlers!

    I too am doing something less predictable for my birthday and am driving halfway to Spice-the-Cat's house to pick up my brand new spinning wheel! Hooray!

  2. Lovin heroes too mate and missing Kevski!

  3. beautifully put. i salute you, dear boy. if you were a dolphin you would have pedals for flippers.

  4. Thank God I am still one of your "fave blogs"! For one awful moment I thought I had been relegated because I keep "rattling your cage" as you so colourfully put it! Have a nice day!

  5. I'm intrigued as to what Sophia is going to do with a spinning wheel. The one animal I haven't seen around these parts is a sheep, so where does the wool come from?

    If you can knit using squirrel wool then I'm the man to see.