Sunday, September 23, 2007

I could....

... go on, and on, and on about my weekend walk in Keswick. I won't. Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite. Hopefully, one day, you'll get to experience for yourselves, the feeling of joy that came to me atop Catbells.

The weather was harsh. Friday it was absolutely pissing down with rain. Saturday, a window of unbroken sunshine (during which time we managed the walk). Sunday pissing down rain again. The Lake District is of course, so called, because of the copious quantities of water contained therein. We mustn't grumble.

Driving to Keswick. Treacherous conditions. Friday and it was raining all the way on the three hour journey to the wettest part of the world. It didn't look like we were going to get much walking done.

Saturday morning. The sun came out and dried up all the rain with the exception of the really big puddles. Oh, wait, those are THE lakes!! Walking from Keswick towards Catbells. Roughly three miles or so along a gently undulating woodland approach to the foot of this hill.

Catbells begins to loom. This moody photo of Catbells begins to show that this little "family" hill might not be quite so innocuous as first imagined. The hill is made up of two peaks, the first of which is in the foreground, and the second, higher peak is just behind, visible to the left.

A proud moment. I was unsure as to whether anyone might consider the prospect of lugging up a hill with me to be remotely enjoyable or rewarding. I think at first sight of it, Dawn felt the same!! I think we were both surprised at how rewarding it really was. The views were astonishing. Looking in the distance to Skiddaw on the left; Blencathra on the right; Keswick and Dawn in the middle.

Back at the bottom. A delightful cheesy self-timered moment. There are VERY few photographs of Dawn and myself together. I set the timer on a bench which was dedicated to a chap from Coventry.... apparently "He spent the happiest hours of his life in these hills". I think a few of ours may be too.

I know that all the photographs that could possibly be taken have been taken, and have been done so on much better equipment than I had at my disposal. They have been taken in better conditions, with better lighting, and no doubt with better exposures and shutter priorities than my photographs. If you want to go and see more, then look here. These are MY photographs, and they are a memory of a walk up a hill.

A birthday celebration in advance of my thirty ninth year, and one which I am privileged to have shared with Dawn. Thanks darling.


  1. Nice pics FoX and happy birthday for tomorrow - you old git. I can always remember yours cos it's a week after mine.

    I really like the English lakes - so small and compact compared to those big buggers we have over here. Much more convenient and with far less chance of a freighter sinking in them and then having a dreadful never ending song written to commemorate the event.

  2. Thats a really nice photo of you and Dawn!
    Hope you have a good birthday mate
    Emma :)