Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Wednesday morning. The suspense is too much for me. I can't wait until this afternoon for Pogo to release this week's challenge badges!!

I go out and buy a new bottle cage and water bottle for my bike. A shop I don't use much but he's a friendly chap and we have a chat about "monkey - Journey to the West" because he has recognised my t-shirt. I fix the new cage, fill up both bottles with some "corporation pop" and set off.

Twenty four miles later and I am struggling to make the twenty three steps back to my bedroom to write a blog about it, even if I get off the bike first!!

Here's some lovely accompanying photographs.

In other news:

You all think you're so bloody funny don't you!!

I have a tooth that's started to crumble and I can't get to see a dentist for a week.... brilliant!!

The salt from my sweat has burnt my face to shreds.

I need a snooze.


  1. Got to say mate tried google reader after reading your blog and thought "brilliant", however am here leaving this and reader says you havent updated!
    Maybe that was the problem when you thought we had all abandoned you!
    Pol x

  2. Crikey 24 miles, must have been a great ride for you.

    I do 4 miles each way to work but the scenery to and from work is mainly big roads and kinda boring.

    I quite fancy doing this next year, but have no friends willing to do it, surely for a biker like you it would be no problem..

    As for news readers I use my webmail client which shows all the latest blog entrys on the homepage :) works pretty well, after reading yesterdays post I almost wrote something on my blog but got distracted again.


  3. Last time I went to Scammonden, I was attacked by clouds of helicopter flies.

    You going to volunteer for the footpath repair... with all that free time you have on your hands?