Monday, September 24, 2007

Hey FoXy...

... It's your birthday.

Happy birthday to me.

I am not about to write very much today. I am, instead, going to allow other things to commemorate my day.

1) Bowling cam highlights has been updated for your pleasure.

2) My Flickr album continues to grow in enormity, even though it is still never viewed by anyone other than me.

3) Random Shopping blog has been updated.

4) The Simpsons has always been interlaced with great references. Here are some of them.

5) Blogger play - A place where you can watch a seemingly random array of photographs that are being uploaded into Blogger. The nice thing is that you can go back to any that you might want, click on it, and be magically transported to the blog that contains it. Very addictive.

6) An intriguing collection of photography.

7) Mmmmm erotic cakes.

8) After eating your erotic cakes, how about wanking your way to world peace?

9) Following a weekend of walking, I think it's only fair to give this product a plug. I am sure women walkers the world over would benefit from it.

10) Don't forget that I have updated and archived my polling booth - it's now a more standard "Blogger poll" but make sure you vote. You've got to be in it to win it!! It's over there on the right hand side.... you know the drill!!


  1. Happy birthday, Fox.

    Careful with those candles on the erotic bday cake...

  2. Many happy returns, And where can I buy one of those 'items' - it would certainly keep me happy out on walks, especially Christmas day when there are no toilets open anywhere in north Wales!

  3. Jase,

    Many happy raccoons on the occasion of a benchmark in the aging process.

    The skellington picture is a bit deceptive - it's only 12" tall - I suspect it's a dead Barbie, or, judging by the hips, a dead Ken. Murder at the toy store, perhaps.

    It was a birthday present from one of mrs spice's sisters - the other sister bought me a giant climbing spider - the reason for these things probably needs explaining, but now is not the time.

    The pumpkins are wax and are 4" across and the whole picture was just me passing a few idle moments. We do stuff for halloween, but we don't get too many kids showing up - the house looks much too scarey in the dark and it really does look like the Munsters or Addams Family house. Last year we did get some children halfway down the drive - then one screamed and they all ran away, which was a shame since we'd spent a fortune on bats, spiders, costumes, severed limbs, skulls and other household decorations.

    Perhaps this year we might have more success in terrifying them at close range.

  4. Happy Birthday Foxy Loxy!
    Checked out your flikr album! My, who's an esoteric arty farty snapper then? Seriously some nice pics apart from you at Whitby and by the way Dawn is too good-looking for someone who belongs halfway down a ghost train experience!

  5. Happy Birthday Fox.

    Looks like you had a good weekend.


  6. Ummm ... you have a spelling error in number 8!

  7. not that I can see Kris.



    PS: Hello .... haven't seen you for a while X