Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gonzo blog doo daa band.

I've got a friend, and his name's Kermit. I also have a long, slightly curly nose!!

I know that's not what you meant.

Unfortunately, this next piece is either going to make me look like some sort of groupie or complete pretentious twot.... alas, I MUST blog it.

What do you do when your favourite artist and sculptor comes to town? You go there and buy the frikking t-shirt, the marmalade, and the over priced event catalogue of course.

That's exactly what we have been doing today.

I promised myself to go and see the Andy Goldsworthy exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The very moment I heard there was going to be an exhibition there, I was thrilled and scared. I love his work, but have always loved it from afar. What would happen if I came face to face with a stone wall, or a pile of sticks that didn't live up to my expectations?

So, I have kind of put it off. The exhibition runs until January next year, and has been running for maybe six months already. The time had come, I couldn't put it off any longer, for fear of completely missing it, and never getting such an opportunity again. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a trifle nervous.

I was nervous that it'd be full of pontificating arty idiots, who feel they are inside an artist's head, and that you must interpret the works this way or that way, and they'd look over their half moon spectacles at me. Scared of the silent galleries where people stand thirty feet from a picture and tut at you when you walk past their visual field. Scared that the experience might somehow change the way I feel about the man and his work.

Well, I can tell you it's been one of the most memorable days out I have ever had. The weather was gorgeous today, and tramping across four or five miles of country park, dotted with sculptures, to catch all the AG exhibits was made all the more easy for the sunshine.

I can't begin to explain to you what we saw. The most amazing sculptures were (of course) in photography free zones!! Grrrrr. I have a few postcards that I will scan, and a bunch of photos from the other stuff, but here's a taster!!

Huddersfield landmark, Emley Moor mast from Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The tallest freestanding structure in the British Isles!! 330.4 metres!! - (Not one of AG's pieces)

Dumfriesshire red sandstone arches, self supporting.

Cow shit on glass.

Shadow stone fold.

Hanging trees.

Basket #7 Oxley Bank - (Not one of AG's pieces)



  1. You know, FoX, if there's one thing I miss about the UK, other than baked beans, takeaway curries and the Vox bar, it's dry stone walls.

    There's something about the way the construction of dry stone walling becomes so organically one with the natural landscape that I can occasionally find myself believing that the human race is actually an intended part of nature's grand plan and not some mutated abberation hell bent on total self destruction.

    A very satisfying post, if I may say so.

  2. Hah! We were there last Weds (29/07) and thought it was completely brilliant. We, too, were pissed off that all the Goldsworthys were protected by 'no photography' labels.

    I have to admit the Hepworths were my favourite of the entire venue.