Monday, September 03, 2007


I've been asked to look after my mum's house for a couple of days.

For those that remember my last attempt at this task, you will remember my abject frustration at the broken internet connection there. This problem, I was assured, had been fixed in the interim period.

I am sure you can all imagine, without too much effort, what the real state of the internet connection is!!

Suffice to say, I have abandoned my post, and retreated to my house in order that I can check my email at least!!

I am going to spend some time drinking coffee and sorting out my "Yorkshire Sculpture Park" photo album on Flickr.


  1. i know, it's like your soul doesn't exist when the internet is down. but hey, there's always scrabble for one.

  2. Survived a weekend without my TV no problem... but when the net goes down - ARRRGHHH!

    You have my sympathies. At least you don't have APIPA.

  3. You don't write, you don't phone, you don't even answer your Facebook pokes. You've really gone to ground foxy! Hope U R running wild'n'free

  4. For Chrissake isn't "Fury" a little strong? Surely you mean "Mild Irritation"?