Tuesday, September 11, 2007


What is happening to blogging?

I started to use a new "blogreader" yesterday, as I think I have possibly reached the limits of what I can do with Bloglines. I was surprised to find that, sometime ago, I had signed up for, but never utilised, Google Reader.

On first impressions, I am satisfied with Google Reader. It does what I need to do, and it's also a little more reliable and stable than Bloglines. I think as a beginner in the world of "feeds" and "RSS" and all that nonsense, I'd prefer something that actually managed what I wanted to do now, rather than a product that I will never ever "grow into".

So... Google Reader, full steam ahead. All my favourite blogs are eventually subscribed to. Two blogs initially gave me problems, one I managed to resolve, but the other: It's about the vodka, I can't fathom out at all. The latest post I see is February 5th or something silly. Grrrr.

I sit back and wait for one of my twenty three subscriptions to update, and for something to happen. I wait... And I wait... I go to bed... I get up... I wait some more... I ride my bike... I cut my lawn... I cut my neighbour's lawn*... I wait some more...

Not one single person has updated their blog in all that time....

I am either the blogger with the least amount of life or desperately in need of some new blogging pals!! It is hardly any wonder that I only manage to get a paltry three or four comments a day, despite the fact that an average of twenty seven people visit me EVERY DAY!! Oh, this is turning into one of those "lurker" rants, where I expose my sensitive underbelly, and beg for more proof that you were here. I'm so unloved, you're all wolves!!

Anyhoo, moving swiftly on.....

* Random act of kindness: It's a lovely hot day, and I was out in the garden with a pair of secateurs, like you do!! Trim this, hack that, oops didn't mean to snap that in half.... You get the idea. Trimming finished, out comes the mower. Crumbs, I'm sweating... It's dripping down my temples and running off the end of my nose. When I had finished, I threw the mower and power leads over into next door's garden, and mowed his lawn as well. He is out at work, and I like the idea that it might puzzle him how it got done!!

Get off your bums and rake in some karma with a Fox's patented random act of kindness.


  1. thats because blogging is dead.
    Long Live Facebook! ;-)

  2. Aw mate dont despair, just remember we all work for a living lol perhaps that could be your new job,writing all our blogs for us ;)

  3. Random acts of kindness - I love the idea... by the way I am someone just pretending to be Yorkshire Pudding who of course never calls round to this blog so your numbers need further subtraction...

  4. If you want my excuse, I was busy writing this week's short story... when the deadline is tight, I don't get time to do that AND blog.

    Me, I'm working on random acts of unkindness. Last night I went into my neighbour's shed and removed all the blades from his mower.

  5. I was sun-bathing in my garden when some *&%$ threw a mower over the fence ...

  6. Sometimes, instead of blogging, I like to jump, naked, into a barrel full of monkeys. It's invigorating, it's refreshing and it's great for exfoliating all those accumulated dead skin cells.

  7. Ha ha i dont know whats more fun to read, your post or your comments!