Thursday, September 06, 2007


I should have seen it coming.

I should have spotted the warning signs.

I ignored all the warnings, and it's too late now.

Sims 2 has officially stolen my life (for the second time).

What's strange about this phenomenon, and in particular, this incarnation of it, is that I have:

Been simultaneously running multiple sim familes.

Been speaking to friends in Sim language: If you know what "myshuno" is then you've also suffered.

Been running at least one "all girl" family - I leave the rest to your imagination!!

Have already been looking around my kitchen (in disgust) at the mess and running back to tidy up my virtual kitchen clutching my cup of coffee.

Played at least one session lasting thirteen and a half hours - non stop!!

Just looked at my screen to see Angela, Lilith and Kaylynn dancing together round a radio, inviting their maid to join them!! Some of them need a shower!



  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha been there mate, you spend so much time on them you end up needing a shower yourself lol
    Pol x

  2. You want to see this - the people who made that have WAY too much time on their hands.

  3. Hellohellohello!

    I've been not-blog-reading for about a month. Loads to catch up on.

    I must tell you, I laughed like a drain at your flipflop misfortune (to be fair, it was at the bread posted in slices through the letterbox).

    Love the bowling green cam! I may watch it myself and pretend I'm on your landing.

    Never been able to play Sims - all because of an article with the opening line: "I have decided to kill John Smith."