Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It's Pogo badge day today, and following on from their launch of the UK founders club, yesterday, we are now eligible to spend much more money with their website and of course buy even more badges. Hooray. I won't be buying badges, or at least that's my current standpoint. Following the founders club launch, we were all given some free "gems" which you can exchange for various virtual items. I swapped mine for badges because I couldn't wait until this afternoon for the weekly challenge badges.

So, I am all badged out.... Normally on a Wednesday we are offered just two weekly challenge badges, and we have a week to complete them. I think I have completed no less than seven badges!! It truly is a sign of a misspent middle age!!

I DID, on the other hand, manage to help Polgara out with a troubling spreadsheet problem, which I am happy to say, both stretched my mind, and taught me something useful about array formulae..... I mean, c'mon, what kind of afterthought is it in a software package when, in order to input a certain kind of formula, you have to press ctrl-shift-enter to put it into a cell?? Bonkers, and I am kicking myself for not guessing the secret code earlier!! It's a good formula though.... look:


I am pleased with solving that!! Note the curly brackets, which is what happens with the ctrl-shift-enter secret code!!

Other than that, it's been a day of mindless nonsense. Reading blogs, writing a blog, playing Pogo, crashing my computer (I have this weird USB related issue that is driving me up the wall and all the way across the ceiling!!), playing about 5 minutes of Sims2 before it drove me up the wall and back across the ceiling the way I came when my USB problem reared its ugly head, again!

Full moon..... Everyone run outside and have a little howl!!


Like the werewolves, I gotta go get changed!!

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  1. Ha ha i feel less guilty asking for your help now i know you enjoyed doing it :)
    Was a big help mate thanks
    Still wish my brain would work like yours though!
    Pol x