Monday, August 20, 2007

Would you....

Would you Adam and Eve it?

I don't like horses. Horses don't like me. It's no secret.

The recent "Pole Moor Riding Club" day near my house, resulted in traffic, parking, and muddy road chaos. I can now add to my list..... I don't like horse events either.

I don't like bloodsports or cruelty to animals. I don't like sports involving animals, and I don't even like the farming of animals.

You have to feel for this poor horse!!

(I hope the link works)

If it didn't work - as an afterthought - Here is the same thing on youtube


  1. The link didn't work for me but not to worry I'm with you on horses mate. Just don't tell Ms Mutterings & Meanderings or she'll have us both out in the stable yard whipping our bare buttocks with her leather riding crop. On second thoughts...

  2. The link worked OK for me. Jockey nuts horse - It's probably a size thing, you know, short arse jockey jealous of horse being taller and far more well hung than himself.

    As for the bowling cam - I keep having a look, waiting for something to happen. It would be a very zen experience if it wasn't so damn boring.

  3. I'll give that jockey a Glasgow Kiss the next time I see him doing his rising trot round these parts!

  4. The hard peak of the helmet would have been particularly hurtful. I hope they ban that jockey for a week or two. Just cos he's a shortarse doesn't mean he should take it out on a dumb animal that was clearly spooked. I'd headbut him back but the wee fellow would probably only come up to my navel!