Thursday, August 30, 2007


I am truly surprised by the reaction to my previous post. It would seem that my passion for birdfeeding is not such an isolated case. Messages of support have been flooding in.... well a couple of people mentioned that they also indulge, and that's nice.

This year is the first year that I have had baby birds living in and around my garden, and it fills me with delight.

There's a family with three baby goldfinches. The juveniles looking similar to their parents, but lacking the vibrant red patch on their heads. They have a resplendent yellow "Z" down their wings though.

A family with three baby robins, and they are just starting to get their red breasts and to lose their spotty juvenile down. They've been such good company this summer. Apparently they are rarely seen in July and August, but I have had a garden full of them.

Bluetits nested in the holes in the cement between my house and next door. You wouldn't even know there was a hole there to be honest, and it took me a while to actually find where they were flying their beakfulls of worms into. Lots of chicks and still a good number in the garden.

Other feathered friends without families it would seem are:

Collared dove; Starling; Dunnock; Wren; Sparrow; Chaffinch; Greenfinch; Blackbird; Thrush;

In other news.....

Big Brother.... we're winding down, and tomorrow is the final. I'd be lying if I said I was excited, but I am looking forward to it. I think I have managed to keep my blog fairly Big-Brother-free during the mammoth thirteen week stint.

Beer: I've got a hankering for some real ale this weekend. I am going to give both The Star at Lockwood, and The Grove at Springwood a shot. From what I've read, they are two of Huddersfield's finest "ale" pubs, and I am getting a bit old for drinking wihtout being able to speak to my companions.

Antichrist: I have made the fatal error of reinstalling the antichrist of video gaming onto my computer. I had it before, but after it ruined my lust for gaming and lowered my self esteem to nothingness, it had to die. The Sims 2 rides again!! How many weeks will I spend maintaining my virtual real estate, while my real house and life fall into complete disrepair around my ears??

Yorkshire Pudding: You don't scare me, you big puddin'!

Random kindness: Still working on this one. Pol, it was also on R2 the other day when the lovely Davina was standing in for someone. Those blagards have robbed me blind and cast me assunder.

Blog updates: I know it doesn't look like I have been here much lately, and the posts have been thin on the ground, but believe me, I've been working my fingers to the bone for you. Here's a brief list of things that have changed:

Random Shopping has started again.

The navigation stuff on the right hand side of my page was looking really shabby, and there were so many sections with different little snippets in them, and I know nobody read any of them, so I have turned each section into a blog entry.... Feel free to click some fo the things under the "Blogbits" section on the right hand side to see what I mean.

Flickr: Not only did I upload a little section of photos for Connor (and tag them all, and geotag them all, and title, and description them), but I also uploaded a few new ones of my own. Feel free to head across to Flickr and look at mine and/or Connor's pics.

Bloglines: My cousin Sophia mentioned (sometime earlier this year) that there was a product out there called "bloglines" which manages all the blogs that you read. My list of blogs to read was becoming so long, that I have (more by necessity than curiosity) invested some effort into it, and I am loving it. If you have a long blog list to trawl through, then I suggest you set it up for yourself. Thanks Soph.... Also: I found the Guitar Hero disc that I couldn't find when you were here - didn't take me long huh?

Bowling cam: More new pictures on my dedicated bowling cam highlights page.

Pogo; Sims2; Battlefield 1942; Dungeon Keeper2 - Too much time to mention on the aforementioned.


  1. The Star and The Grove, that brings back memories. I bet there are still people I know going in those pubs. If you see a small Scottish guy with a large moustache, called Colin - the man, not the moustache, is named Colin - tell him I said hello. You can probably say hello to everyone in The Grove as I'm going to take a not-so-wild guess it's populated by those who used to drink in The Slubbers. I'm sure they were happy days - if I could only remember them through the drunken haze. If you bump into David Green then you definitely have to say hello.

  2. I was wondering if sometime you could take a pic of some of your birds. We don't have Bluetits or Thrushes here. I would love to see one. Do have lots of the Goldfinches though they are our state bird.

  3. Mate if you play the Sims you wont post for days lol, trust me i know!

  4. can you add me to your fave blogs? go on ... i'll give you a mention in return. i guess your blog entries have been thin on the ground cuz you've been trying to hunt down ferrets and having mad crushes on desperate housewives in 'the waltons' ...

  5. [7] Demons in cloaks and capucines are, according to the explanation of a man versed in the subject, of a phallic nature.. When he spoke again, it was with the old, subdued tone, and the air of quaint solemnity...

  6. I don't scare you? Well take this GRRRRRRRR! YAAAAAAHHHHH! (imagine font size 72) BIFF! BASH! "Take that you smelly fox you!" (Fox crumples to the floor weeping)
    FOX I'm sorry all right! Sorry!
    LORD PUDDING Your apology is duly accepted but NEVER cross me again or else! I don't care if you were once a skinhead. I'm a cavalier!