Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mixed emotions.

Following on from yesterday's pro-animal campaign.... It is with sad news that I bring you this report.

A few days ago, I noticed that something had been nibbling away at the corner of the bags of birdfood that I keep in the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink. Vermin!!

I decided to try out the "humane" rat trap that I bought some time ago, which has since been renamed humane-animal-feeding-station - since it has fed every living animal this side of the Watford Gap, and caught approximately none of them. They've been queueing up around the block, and you may have noticed some of them on the "bowling cam".

Suffice to say, one pack of Emmental later, no animals caught. Birdfood all packed into tins and containers, safe from attack. Something is definitely eating the cheese though.

Commence operation "Shock and Awe". Two conventional mouse traps, baited with Wensleydale are laid out. Commence operation "Shock Horror" when I discover the crafty critters love the Wensleydale and manage to eat it without springing the traps.

Cue the cunning fox.

At approximately five o' clock this evening, I smeared peanut butter across one of the traps.

Fox 1 - 0 Mouse

In fairness to myself -

a) Peanut butter is the king of mousetraps.

b) It doesn't look at all like this fella suffered. No blood, no struggle, clean, quick, instant death!!

c) I am a hypocrite, but who wants these in their house?


  1. i don't know if i could use mouse traps ... it is a difficult one, i love animals too. how about getting a cat? (or do you already have a cat, but feed it well, so it's too lazy to go hunting for mice)

    the mice look so cute too when they scamper across the floor ... awww.

    thanks for those beer glass links, especially the badger one, i'm made up! a great site to spend my pocket money on.

  2. With you totally on mouse traps. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't been kept awake at the small hours of the morning by the industrial sounding chewing and gnawing and racing up and down they go in for.
    We now have a larger problem - a rat in the bird feeder....and a hopeless terrier that won't do the business. Doyou reckon rats like peanut butter too?