Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Knock knock.....

Who's there?
Doctor who?
Aaaahhhaaaaa, you just said it.

The old ones really are the best.

I now have two really great applications that let me watch television when I want to watch it (providing it's been on in the last seven days or so) from all the BBC channels and also Channel 4.

The upshot of having the ability to download and watch programmes at leisure, is that I am managing to watch all sorts of really good television, and because of the very nature of the medium, it is generally advert free!!

Fonejacker; Big Brother (Diary room uncut; Little Brother; On the couch); Doctor Who; Britain in pictures - just a few of my favourites.

So, I've been watching tons and tons of Doctor Who (the new ones) series 1 and 2. I am loving it. Having viewed the first season when it graced our screens but missing out on season two, it's great to have the opportunity to catch them all again..... an episode a day on BBC3 - Brilliant, I don't even have to wait a week for the next episode.

All this TV leaves little time for anything else. I've finished a few books recently - Harry Potter; The Key (Battle of the belt - by the lovely Lynsay Sands); Melissa, the harlot's room (the autistic hooker book - I think Rol asked the title some time back). I am now reading another Lynsay Sands book The Switch.

Pogo is still demanding more time of me than I can reasonably proffer.

At least the wind and rain have returned, and I can (without twanging my conscience too much) avoid going out on my bike. Not sure my blisters would be up to it in all honesty, but I would certainly have a go should the weather allow.

More search items for you today..... A random collection:

Q: http://arctic--fox.blogspot.com/ (Google)
A: Uncle Remus says "You search Google for a web address?".

Q: pooyan jar game (Google)
A: Uncle Remus says "A fox in a basket shooting pigs? Gimme gimme".

Q: "welcome green elf" (Google)
A: Uncle Remus says "Welcome red valkyrie".

Q: why has pogo stopped working? (Google)
A: Uncle Remus says "Go and ask Pogo, don't be asking me".

Q: "whale oil beef hooked" "hoof hearted" (Google)
A: Uncle Remus says "Iced ink".

A: Uncle Remus says ".....".

Q: beef flan (Google)
A: Uncle Remus says "I'm just glad you weren't looking for fox recipes".

Q: Coming down like stair rods (Google)
A: Uncle Remus says "It's raining Datsun cogs".

Q: pictures of bernard manning dead (Google)
A: Uncle Remus says "There's some weirdos about!!".


  1. Dare i ask about the blisters?
    Perhaps i should read back through the posts i've missed.....

  2. Who the 'beep' is Uncle Remus?!