Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I've been..........

...... very stupid.

Woke up this morning, my dog was dead...... No, wait that's a Nazareth song or something. Let me try again.

Woke up this morning, and the sunshine was streaming in through the windows. Glorious blue sky and a slight nip in the air, but one of those days you just knew was going to warm up.

By half past nine I was cycling up the road. A really great ride of about thirteen miles followed by a creatine and HMB based chocolate flavour muscle recovery bar. Exhilarating.

Early this afternoon I decided to have a stroll up to mum's house, and to sit in the garden there and read my book. The sun was high now, and it was indeed a scorcher. I put on my flip flops, a big floppy pink shirt and my cowboy hat. I picked up my walking staff, and set off.

Flip flops for a mile and a half?? What the hell was I thinking? About a half a mile into the journey, the first blisters broke forth. By the time I reached mum's house I could no longer walk, and had the biggest blisters I have ever seen/had.

Feet of fire or feat of stupidity?

I sat and read my book a while and mum gave me a lift home.

Now I am stranded, crippled and very miserable. I can't even put my feet on the floor.

Repeat after me.......

owah..... tarnar......siam!!


  1. Look after those blisters Bunty Man.... there was a horror story about that in today's Daily Mail.... and if it's in the Mail then it MUST be true!! Get that foot spa out........

  2. Never mind the blisters, it's the pink shirt you that ought to be worrying you.

  3. :D
    sorry, it was too funny...